As time passes, we find new ways to entertain ourselves. New shows, movies, songs and anything that makes us satisfied. And games are an essential part of this entertainment world. Mainly the children who always get attracted to different types of games. And during the increasing popularity of online games, this  Grand Theft Auto game was introduced to the market.

It is mostly known as GTA. After a grand success of GTA 4, its new version as GTA 5 got launched on 2013 September for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Later it got launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 2014 and windows on April 2015.  Till then it has been a popular online game among the users.


The invention of GTA!

Rockstar North developed this game, and it got launched by Rockstar Games. This games new version came after its first GTA 4 launched in 2008. Based on a single-player story which follows three criminals being under government pressure. Indeed it is an amazing online game which gives you the experience to roam around San Andreas freely. It is a fictional city Los Santos based on Los Angeles.

It is an open-world design because of which all the players can roam around freely in that fictional world. You get a character, and you play this game as a third-person or first-person perspective. Every player handles three main criminals throughout the game and switch between them at the outcast. You navigate throughout the game with the foot or a vehicle.

There are missions which include shooting and driving gameplay. It’s an online multiplayer game where up to 30 players can compete in different game modes. This game gets more interesting as players keep on completing the mission and move forward to the next level.


This game gained a lot of popularity since its first launch, and it; ‘s new version come its popularity grew even more than before. Due to its demand and extensive market, it broke all the sales records of the game industry. And it became the fastest-selling game in history.

On the day when it got launched, it earned around $800 million and $ 1 billion in the next three days. It got the consideration as one of the seventh and eighth-generation gaming consoles title and much more awards to its name. gta 5 apk also won the best video game ever made award and game of the year award.

Many gaming publications acknowledged this game, and it gained immense popularity. GTA is the third best selling game of all time; over 110 million copies sold worldwide.  This game made history in the gaming world.

Final words!

This game got considered as one of the financially best entertainment products in the market. Though it had some controversies related to the violence in the game, its popularity neglected that fact.

It made a revenue of $6 billion worldwide. It’s an action-adventure game which attracted many players. Especially the youngsters who always love these kinds of action games to play.

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