Gogoanime helps you to watch animated serials online and enables you to download the series and watch later in HD quality. If you are living a stressful life due to the 9-5 job and other hectic things in your life, it is no wonder that you are miserable. You might even feel like giving up everything and traveling somewhere. But, you should bear in mind that it is impossible to run away from responsibilities and problems in your life. You must face it. So, if you are stressed and if you like giving up, you should do something that boosts your mood. Get ahead and click the button below “Watch Online” to go to the official website of Gogoanime and watch it for free. 

Real Gogoanime Website

Gogoanime isn’t banned, but it’s just out from Google as well you can still watch this by directly going to the site and search your desired anime. To keep safe, you can use any VPN as well a free VPN will also work e.g Browsec or Zenmate.

watch now gogoanime

For more like Gogoanime, we have mentioned some best alternatives below.

What makes Gogoanime Real different than others?

Basically, Anime is a different genre which was the Japanese origin. But now, it has spread all over the world. People love to engage in Anime stuff than any other things. If you ask why there are different reasons for it. Perhaps, when we say people love it, it is not the older generation. Most of the time Anime addicts are youngsters, kids, and children. They love to see the colorful and attractive animation that is being played on the screen. In fact, some youngsters will give up important work to spend time enjoying Anime. It is obvious that Anime grew little by little and it has reached the peak of popularity. The best part of Anime is that you would feel the way that you are being carried away to a different world. This is why Anime is considered one of the best activities to do when you are stressed. You will feel as if you are taking a break from the hectic world. This has the power to keep you entertained throughout the day.  You can keep enjoying the imaginary things portrayed in Anime games and movies, yet it should have a limit. You should know the limit if you want to be healthy. If you set a limit, you can enjoy Anime movies and games whenever you feel low or distressed.

What is the reason for its fame?

As mentioned, Anime is very famous and there are specific reasons for its popularity. If you dig in deeper, you will be able to understand why it is popular. First off, the plot created by the creators. They make sure to make it so creative that the people who watch cannot take their eyes off the screen. Second off, the significant characters played to keep the stories entertaining. Likewise, apart from these major reasons, there are many other reasons for its popularity. If you are a bookworm, you can opt for reading rather than watching movies. Luckily, there are many anime books that you can find in books stores. Also, those books will have amazing fictional characters that play the dramatic story in a gaze-grabbing way. Also, if you have been watching anime you would have noticed the difference in the imagination power, yes, it would have boosted up. You can also watch anime movies on any app that hosts videos from YouTube, if you want to watch on phone, download Vidmate apk on your Android and it will work amazing. You will find many characters in an anime movie, so you will not be bored like you get bored with other movies.

Can you watch Anime online with Gogoanime?


Well, you should be ready to be amazed and happy. Of course, you can. In fact, you can watch it online in English. They are free series that you need not pay anything except for your data package. You will be able to activate English subtitle as well. This Anime grabbed the world’s attention in a short time. There are books, series, and also movies based on this. It is being watched all over the world because it keeps everyone entertained and happy. There are alternative websites to watch Anime and we will reveal it below for your ease.

Must-know information about Gogoanime

short animes on Gogoanime

You may have a lot to know about this, yet it is not easy to know unless you go for it. If you want to know about gogoanime you must look for it. Most people do not want to search for information, yet they want to know about it. This is actually, a site where you can get anime streaming online without paying. There is one con factor about this site i.e. it has to be taken care by you if not it may sneak a peek to your system easily. If it does enter, you can find that it entered when you witness just numbers of ads on the screen. So, if you want to use gogoanime you should know it by understanding the pros and cons along with special features.

Anime vs. Manga

comparison between anime vs Manga

So, what is manga? This is exactly like anime and its origin is also Japan. This is considered another great method to keep yourself entertained and stress-free. Although both manga and anime are interconnected, they have differences. The simplest difference is that manga is Japanese comic and anime is cartoon video. Anime would need a large crew and a studio to make it happen. Rather manga only needs a few people.  Just an editor and a mangaka are enough to be mentioned as the least requirement. Manga can be considered a book but an anime is considered a program. Yet, both productions have a higher rate of popularity around the world.

And, it is important to mention that anime has overpowered manga. There can be many reasons why manga couldn’t outreach anime. Basically, the manga is produced in the black and white form and used as comics. Luckily, there are people who love to entertain themselves by watching manga due to its content and the plot. Manga has its own fans.

What are the special features in Gogoanime?

gogoanime features

  • You can choose based on the various genre such as drama, action, fantasy, kids, mystery, horror, school, police, comedy, music, adventure, and the list goes on.
  • You can enjoy watching anime on a daily basis because most of the series are updated each and every day.
  • You can request for English subtitles and also some other programs as per your desired language.
  • You can inquire about the site if you have any type of query.
  • You can enjoy more things like new seasons, new release, to watch list, and much more.
  • You can either download or purchase your favorite episode.
  • You can watch different series by bearing the cost of the subscription.
  • If you want to contact them for any reason, you just have to fill a form or you can contact via email.

Is this site addictive?

anime addiction gogoanime

Obviously, it is addictive as you can already see it has reached the whole world in a short time. Only something which has the power to attract so many people can become popular in a short time. Anyway, you should know that it is not healthy to be addictive. If you continue to enjoy anime through this website you will be adversely affected and you would know it already. The addiction to anime is no different than addiction towards the drug. You become so addictive that you will not leave the couch or the bed for several at a stretch. You may even end up flipping through different series as soon as you finish one. You would stop watching anime only when you become tired or very hungry that you have to go to the kitchen and prepare something for yourself.  So, you should have self-control when you are watching anime. Set a time and adhere to it. Don’t break your own rules.

So, there are sites that offer free and paid anime series. Yet, nothing can beat GoGoAnime.io because you can watch anime for free as the site itself is free.  Some users love to have the app on their mobile, yet they have to deal with the ad content as it pops on and off. This drawback will make you boring and fed up using it. So, think twice before you install the app on your mobile device.

Why should you read Gogoanime reviews?

gogoanime reviews

Do you think it is important to read reviews before considering the website? There is no doubt that you must read reviews because popularity and reviews have a strong bond. If you read the reviews you would be able to be satisfied because you know that the review had been sent by someone who has already used gogoanime. He/she has experienced in it for real. The reviews will offer features, drawbacks, and many other things. Not only gogoanime, but also all the other apps that you are planning to download should be done after reading the reviews. You may find both positive and negative reviews, yet you must make biased decisions based on the average rating.  

Note- there are users who have the habit of posting negative reviews even if the app is excellent. So, in such instance, you must know to decide based on the majority. Or even better, you can try it yourself.

Based on the reviews: some information

Based on the reviews it is true that gogoanime is super-fast and free when compared to other free sites. Also, unlike other sites, this doesn’t beak on and off, so this is stable. Of course, there can be technical problems, but it is not different to other sites. Even on other sites, you would get technical issues. Also according to reviews, it is said that ads make the users very boring and annoyed. Yet, it is also not specific to this website alone which means you can find it in all the other sites. Nevertheless, as per the reviews, gogoanime.io is excellent and reputed. It is safe and easy to use. It boasts of offering child safety, privacy, and trust for the users.

Note- this is not a legal website, so if you are browsing it, you are doing it at your own risk.

Steps to download Gogoanime

  • Click The Official Website and then, select the desired episode to download.
  • Click Download button which can be seen on the bottom.

Is Gogoanime legit?

This is a repeated question and most users have this thought whether they are using legit or illegal website. Well, this is not a direct illegal website because it is not selling illegal stuff. Rather, this is a legit site that offers content illegally. So, as users, you are in the safe zone up to some extent because it is the site owner who will be punished for stealing copyrighted videos from other sources.

About the Gogoanime TV application

Rather than watching anime on the sites, you can have the gogoanimetv app so that you can enjoy leisurely. If you want to download it you should do it from the Microsoft store. So, you will get high-quality video and English subtitles.  As this app has extra features you will find it extra special. More than anything, this app is user-friendly so even a budding user can understand the procedures. You need not worry or trouble yourself because programs and shows are arranged in a perfect way so that the user can pick as he or she prefers. You would be enlightened as you can find popular shows like God Eater, Fairy Tale, and much more with the help of this app. You can have your customized favorite show list. This will help you select the show without much time and effort. You can easily select the video quality as per the speed of the internet.

About the website’s Android/iOS application

Another great thing about this website is that you can install the app on your mobile. You should bear in mind that the app is updated often so you will enjoy it without a doubt. Of course, advertisements can be nuisance although the previous app did not have such feature the current app has it, yet you can close it in no time and enjoy whatever that you are watching. You can easily install the app to Android/iOS and enjoy watching anime. This app is categorized under free entertainment app as it offers 100% entertainment. This can be considered the best app to watch TV series and movies. You can enjoy various features from this app.

A few things about the site that you need to know

Although this is a website that offers free entertainment. You might have to pay a subscription fee for some of the sites. If you want to enjoy videos and series on such sites you must not avoid paying the subscription. Also, gogoanime is a not a legal site so you would have to be careful when you are downloading the videos or the programs. Before you click the download button you must double check for payments if it is not free.

10 Best Short Anime List to Watch in Gogoanime Website

short animes on Gogoanime

Regardless of the age, gender, and race, we all are interested in watching Anime that available in Gogoanime TV app or official website because it is filled with loads of enthusiasm and entertainment. Anime was placed in the spotlight in the recent decades as it could reach the hearts of youngsters quickly. Some anime lovers even tend to be obsessed with their voices and lively animations. There is a world of anime series that are loved by most of the people. Watching short animes have become a great pastime activity nowadays. Therefore let us have a look at 10 best short animes that you can watch in a row.

#1: Mangirl! Watch it on Gogoanime TV/App or Website

Mangirl! is one of the most popular short animes in the world. An episode lasts for three minutes but it contains a lot of things that entertain the viewer. It was produced by Doga Kobo. Mangirl! includes 13 episodes and one season. The story is about a group of girls who works with much hope and dedication to reach their goal. As they did not have any idea of the world of Manga, they felt helpless and lost. Hence they get together as a group and start working towards producing the biggest Manga magazine in Japan. The story has an ideal flow which depicts the essence of courage and strong will.

#2: Miss Monochrome: The Animation

This short anime could reach the hearts of anime lovers more easily because it contains a girl who has a quirky character. She believes that each and everything in this world should be black and white. She hates to see things with different colors except for black and white. Viewers find this hilarious and funny because of the facial expressions of the ones around her who takes a lot of effort in understanding her hysterical behavior.

#3: Danchigai – Watch it on Gogoanime TV/App or Website

Danchigai is best loved by the ones who value brotherhood and sisterhood. This story contains five main characters; one brother and his four sisters. The four sisters try to rule and govern his brother by giving him factual lectures about the world and the people. It is amusing to see that they work with much courage toward exploring their adventures. it is a production of Creators in Pack and the duration of one episode is three minutes.

#4: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

This was a production by Seven and it was aired in the year 2014. The story is about the love between a cat lover and a dog lover. The two girls get attracted to each other because of their similar interest towards their pets. It has got 12 episodes in one season. The duration of an episode is three minutes. The play has got quite a few of complications in love that needs to be avoided as well. It brings out the humor along with their behaviors that are strange from the ordinary.

#5: Ketsuekigata-kun!

Ketsuekigata-kun! Is another fine production by Feel. The characters in this anime are cute and funny but it sets a message to the world. Sometimes it is absolutely awkward to see some people judging others according to the blood group they belong to. Hence the characters are being selected in such a way to depict the characterization of people according to their blood groups. Ketsuekigata-kun! Contains 4 seasons each with 12 episodes. This is much popular in Japan and of course in other countries as well.  

#6: Nyanpire The Animation – Watch it on Gogoanime TV/App or Website

The root behind the story is based on a stray kitten and a vampire. The vampire succeeds in saving the life of the stray kitten when it was almost near to the end of the life. Although this anime does not have much diversity in plots, it is adorable and relaxing to watch when you need some rest. It contains 12 episodes and one lasts for 4 minutes.

#7: Aiura – Watch it on Gogoanime online

Aiura was proudly presented by the well-known producer LIDENFILMS. It is a story about a group of high school girls who are extremely lethargic and who try to pass the time quickly. Aiura is full of impressive ideas to spend the time at high school. It contains 12 great episodes. This short anime is funny to watch but it is educational too.

#8: Super Seisyun Brothers

This short anime was aired in the year 2013 and it is definitely the best portion of animes that you can watch during your free time. If there is someone who is willing to have a quick break, Super Seisyun Brothers would be the best choice. Anyway, the story follows two pairs of sisters and brothers. This contains a lot of humor and it is definitely worth watching. The anime is about the friendship of these brothers and sisters. Super Seisyun Brothers was a production by AIC Plus+ and it contains 14 awesome episodes that you can enjoy.

#9: Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation (The Comic Artist and His Assistants)

Although the name sounds weird, it is a definite example of passion and enthusiasm. It is quite entertaining because it talks about a common problem among people nowadays. There is humor to some extent which attracts the anime lovers. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation (The Comic Artist and His Assistants) contains 1 season and the duration of one episode is 14 minutes. This is one of the best short animes in the world which is extremely funny and hilarious.

10#: Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying)

This was another amazing production by Seven which was aired in the year 2014. This showcases the problems faced by a married couple who believe in two different ends. They could overcome almost all of their problems because of the love and trust that prevailed in their relationship. It is quite adorable to see how the wife and the husband understand each other to preserve the essence of the bond. There are 26 episodes, with 2 seasons and one episode last for 3 minutes in Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying).

Is it safe to use this website?

“Am I on the safe zone?” this is the common question that circulates in the minds of most users. We will put it in the simplest form if you don’t dig in for dreadful stuff you are safe if not, it is not the responsibility of the site. In case, if you click an inappropriate ad or other dreadful contents, you will be in danger. Also, there are many scams on the internet and you can easily be lured. So, as users, you should be vigilant to make the right decision. The percentage of approved sites to have anime are less when compared to illegal sites. Illegal as in stealing without the consent of the content owner. This is not a 100% illegal site.

What are the alternatives for gogoanime?

So as mentioned above, here are the alternatives for gogoanime that you can check if you want to. But it is obvious that none of the websites will beat the success of the gogoanime. It makes sure to offer the best of things possible for the users. Yet, you can check out the following alternatives for knowledge purpose:

  • animeland.tv
  • Animeflavor
  • Fmovies
  • Chia-anime
  • ZonaWibu
  • Gogo Anime9
  • KissAnime
  • Anime Dreaming TV
  • Animestreams
  • FUNimation

To wrap up

Finally, to end the lengthy article we would mention that Gogoanime is nothing but the best. The site offers the best streaming and the gogoanime app is one of the best user-friendly apps. If you are a user of this app or website, you need not find elsewhere for anime because this site has it all in one place.  There is a large collection of anime available for you. Lastly, you can find both manga and anime on this website. If you have a craze for anime, this site shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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