Gardening is a fantastic hobby. Not only can it help to boost your mood and increase your strength, but it can also help to burn lots of calories and encourage you to grow your own food and therefore eat healthier.

While it packs many health benefits, having the right tools is essential to enjoy it. The best gardening tools will take the back and wrist ache out of digging, weeding, edging, and pruning – and they’ll make you look good while you’re doing it, too.

Every gardener should be well-equipped before starting a new project. Of course, it is important to know these tools and also know where to find them. Regarding that matter, you might found useful and easy to navigate the Beasts Tools‘ reviews. Here are some of the tools you should invest in for your hobby:


No matter the season, it’s essential that you protect your hands from splinters and thorns. A pair of gardening gloves will be able to offer the protection you need. For extra durability, you can even opt for fabric gloves which come complete with reinforced finger and palm pads.


One of the most essential garden tools, a ground rake will help to break the soil down easily. Due to its wide head and teeth, it’s great for leveling out the top surface of the soil.

Hand trowel

If you have been to the garden centre to pick up some pretty plants for your outdoor space, a hand trowel will come in very handy when it comes to planting them. This useful tool is also great for hand weeding, potting and seed sowing.


A great strimmer will make tidying up your garden a breeze. For all the areas your mower can’t reach – such as the edges of the lawn – you can guarantee that your strimmer will be able to get to them.


When you need to dig in hard soil, you are going to want a large, solid spade. Ensure you go for one that boasts an easy-grip handle and step board so that it is comfortable to use. Something robust should last you years.


Plants need regular pruning and tidying, and a pair of secateurs can do just the job. These garden clippers are a bit like scissors, and will last for years if you buy a high quality pair. You can use them in any season – whenever your bushes need a bit a shaping.


When you need to move heavier items around your garden, a wheelbarrow comes in very handy. Simply load it up and transport whatever items you need to move easily and without much effort.

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