Finding a person who doesn’t have a profile on Facebook in pretty challenging these days. Social media became an essential part of our everyday life.

It is also an excellent chance to introduce yourself, so you need to make sure everything looks just the way you want. Every time you look through the profile of a new person, you can learn his or her preferences and the taste. Other people may also judge you by your cover.

Since your Facebook profile reflects your personality, you should definitely design it the way you like.

For example, your cover photo can tell a lot about you. It’s the first thing that everyone can see.

Do you have a cool cover picture on Facebook?

You shouldn’t use another picture of yourself since it makes you look narcissistic. Adding cover pictures with wise quotes might not benefit you. First of all, you don’t need to show your priorities in the first place. Secondly, it won’t make you look special or smarter since it’s not your words.

Consider using free vector clipart to make your profile look tasteful and interesting.

fb covers

Let’s see what kind of cover picture you can add.

#1 Exquisite decorative abstract pattern

This colorful vector is a good option for a positive artistic person. Combination of blue, yellow, green and pink colors underlines your reliability.

It can be used both by girls and boys. It’s pretty dynamic, so you will definitely need to add the colorful profile picture.

#2 Mayan pattern

This Mayan pattern is pretty neutral. It can be used both with the black-and-white picture or colorful one.

Mayans were famous for its genius inventions. If you like history and mysteries, it can become your perfect cover picture. Entirely possible people will be interested to know more about your cover picture. So, you can learn a bit about Maya civilization and then share your knowledge with friends.

This pattern looks interesting and can help people to start the conversation with you.

#3 Watercolor tropical palm leaves seamless pattern

This vector picture has a great vibe. It looks like real drawing so your Facebook friends might think it is yours.

Also, it is a good option for people who like green color. It is a peaceful color since it reduces stress. More than that, it can indicate that you are a trustworthy and caring person.

#4 The white-shaded abstract pattern

The white-shaded abstract pattern can make your profile look more professional. It will be a good cover picture for people who are well-organized and like technology.

#5 Hand drawn vector seamless pattern

This hand drawn vector looks modern and exclusive. It might look very cool if you also add some pictures from your holidays. Fresh pineapples can say that you are a fun and easy-going person. Your profile will look friendly and cheerful once you add this cover picture.

#6 Hand drawn vector seamless pattern

This Japanese drawing might be a good option for artistic introverts who value their privacy and like spending time on their own. This cover picture can show that you have hobbies and that you are pretty independent human-being.

#7 Wood pattern vector

The wood pattern looks simple, but it can be a good option for those who want to add something more. You can add ‘messages’ using photoshop. Maybe there is something you want to tell people who look at your Facebook profile? It can be a neutral background. Also, it might look good on a business profile with professional photos.

#8 Abstract futuristic molecule technology with polygonal pattern

This futuristic pattern is quite mysterious. Feel free to choose this one if you are an ambitious and adventurous person. It can also show that you are a pretty romantic person and you dare to dream big.

#9 Paisley floral pattern in Russian style

Paisley floral pattern in Russian style can underline your diligence and sensibility. You can add a dark or black-and-white profile picture.

#10 Visa stamps seamless pattern

Visa stamps seamless pattern can show your Facebook friends how much you like traveling or how much you want it.

It can be a good cover picture if you are the open-minded and easy-going person who is not afraid of a challenge.

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