Let’s face it that we all have decent stalking skills and when in need, almost anyone can become a near to professional stalker. Now, yes, you shouldn’t be invading one’s personal space to know about him but if you are in dire need to get some information about someone they know that the internet is your best friend in this case. Ask yourself, what do you do when you need some information on a particular topic? Obviously, you head to Google, right? Well, this is exactly what you are supposed to do when it comes to finding out everything about someone,  you need to refer to the internet and that’s all.

There are several people search websites out there, there are several social media platforms you can refer too and you can even opt for the public directories. Long story short, if you really need information about someone then you will make all the possible struggles and well, you will definitely end up with some successful results.


Want to know more about the different ways to search for someone on the internet? Well, here’s what you can do;

1- Use Google

As said earlier, there’s literally everything you can get on Google. You just type in a query in the search engine and your screen will be bombarded with several hundreds of results because that’s the beauty of Google. Now, to search for someone and find some information about him, you obviously again need Google. Just type in whatever you know about the other person on Google’s search engine, and chances are that you will get something useful out of your search.

2- Use websites

There are websites out there that are operating just for those who want to find people and some information regarding them using their contact numbers, names and sometimes addresses. For example, we’ve got this amazing website called Checkthem.com that can do wonders to you if you are trying to find out everything about someone. Yes, you read it right and the best part is that you can use different filters on this site to search for people.

3- Use social media

We’ve got so many social media platforms at the moment and well the best part is that more than half of the world’s population uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, yes, this can be one good opportunity for you to cash and you can use the other person’s name to find out some information about him. For example, when you type someone’s name on Facebook’s search engine, chances are that you will have his id pop right in front of you along with his display picture.

4- Try Linkedin

Especially if you are trying to get some information about a person who is “known” in the corporate sector then yes, you should be heading to Linkedin because chances are that you will find that particular person on this platform that is all about business and jobs etc. You can even connect with people as much as you can and you can then ask about someone through your connections because remember the world is round and somehow one person is linked to another.


These are some of the best ways to find out everything about someone. We’ve jotted down all of the best and the most successful ways right in front of you so yes, the chances of being successful are high. Now, use any one of the above-mentioned ways and we assure you that you will see some positive results in your search.

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