It would be safe to say that 3D printing has reached some pretty incredible feats at the moment. Out of all the technologies that we have surrounding us today, the 3D printing one comes on top and it’s the most interesting one to know about too. This is the reason why today we are here to talk about some interesting 3D printing facts that you might not know. Especially if you are a big science fiction fan, you would know how 3D printing is used in different Hollywood movies like Mission Impossible and Star Wars etc.

This technology has clearly taken over the manufacturing sector all around the globe. But still there are some people who aren’t aware of this technology and they don’t know about the wonders it can do to their day to day lives. This technology is getting so popular in some sectors that now if you search on Google for a reputable 3D Printing Service Provider around you, you’ll probably get a number of names pop up on your screen. From movies, jewellery to cars and other accessories, 3D printing is being used everywhere. 

Here are some facts about this printing technology that might come as a shock to you; 

1 – Anything can be 3D printed 

3D printed is only limited for the man’s imagination because practically anything can be 3D printed. You name it and it will be done for you. From edible pizzas to burgers to cars to engines to entire houses, you can 3D print it all. In order to absorb this information, you should first know how 3D printing works. You see, in 3D printing a digital design is taken and converted into physical objects so yes, here it doesn’t seem difficult to get a house 3D printed, right?

2 –  It’s Older Than The Internet 

This might come as a shock to you that 3D printing is older than the internet. In 1981, Hideo Kodama of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute proposed the very first 3D printing model in a research paper. And after that Chuck Hull was the first man to lay all the ground paperwork for the 3D printing systems. He basically invented a  Rapid Prototyping system that produced physical objects in 3 different dimensions based on the digital design. 

3 – 90% Of The Jewelry Is Made With 3D Printing 

Ladies! This one’s especially for you! After the hearing aid industry, the jewelry industry was the first one to realize that it can use the 3D printing technology and make earrings, necklaces and even rings with it. Wax molds are first created using the 3D printers and then these molds are used to make jewelry at a much faster speed than the ones produced from bare hands. 

4 – 3D Printing Will Help Build Houses In Space 

In the next 10 to 40 years, NASA and Elon Musk are all determined to colonize the red planet and they are planning to set habitats before time using the 3D printing technology. 3D printed robots  will be used for the construction of homes in the space environment and once the houses are done, humans will then be sent to live there. 

These are some of the most interesting facts about 3D printing that we thought you should know. The point that we are trying to prove here is that this technology is taking over the world just like the internet is and the sooner you learn its use and incorporate its use, the better and the more beneficial it will be.

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