For most of us, refraining from small pleasures is real torture. How not to be tempted to even try a tiny cube of your favorite chocolate at the end of a long and exhausting day? There’s no shortage of lovers of this delicacy, and you probably cannot imagine a day without something sweet. You and the Chocolate – you would probably live happily for a long time if the diet didn’t interfere in everything. Do you think that your relationship is doomed to failure? Find out how wrong you are, read about the revolutionary chocolate diet.

Recent research has shown that the healthiest and safest sweetness in the diet is bitter (dark) chocolate because of its low glycemic index, which doesn’t cause excessive insulin secretion like the milk chocolate. The properties of dark chocolate are also important in the case of heart disease. The substances contained in it, such as antioxidants and magnesium, prevent blood clots, thus reducing the risk of heart attack. Bitter chocolate also has a positive effect on a good mood and gives us lots of positive energy. Remember to always buy the best dark chocolate you can find, instead of those cheap, chocolate-like products.

Bitter chocolate and Getting Lean

Each of us wants to have a beautiful body and a shapely figure. For this purpose, we switch to special diets designed to make us lose weight. We drink slimming teas, we take exotic and expensive dietary supplements, we eat light products and we perform exhausting exercises to burn fat. We definitely move all sweets away from each other and focus on eating fruits and vegetables. However, while we are on a diet, can we not afford to eat anything sweet? Do all sweets negatively affect our weight and health?   According to specialists, even on a diet, we should be able to afford small pleasures because thanks to them it’s easier for us to survive this difficult and challenging time.

They’ve also focused on the mitochondria – small energy generators in cells in our body, and they’ve discovered that epicatechin, a compound contained in chocolate, and more specifically in the natural cocoa, stimulates muscles in the same way as a portion of solid exercises.

– Aerobic exercises such as running or cycling increase the number of mitochondria (energy sources) in muscle cells. This, in turn, increases the number of capillaries that supply oxygen to the muscles. Our research has shown that epicatechin causes the same reaction. This is particularly evident in the skeletal muscles and heart,” explains Dr. Moh Malek, from Wayne State University in Detroit, who conducted research on mice.

The best idea for a sweet pleasure during a diet is a few cubes of bitter chocolate. It consists of cocoa pulp, cocoa fat, sugar. Sometimes vanilla or some other aroma is also added to the chocolate. The content of cocoa pulp in bitter chocolate ranges from 70% to 95%. Bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content has a low-fat content and, above all, a low glycemic index (22), thanks to which the pancreas doesn’t emit excessive insulin and it doesn’t make us hungry.

All you need to know about the chocolate diet

This type of diet was created for people like you, who cannot live without chocolate (now you can thank Sally Ann Voak, the author of this chocolate diet). The main idea is to eat low-calorie meals with a small amount of chocolate, which you add to your weekly menu. Using this method, you can lose more than 3 kg in two weeks.

Since six degrees of “chocoladoholism” have been already differentiated, a plan for the ideal diet can also be constructed in different ways. Now you are probably wondering what’s your degree of chocolate addiction? To find out, you can solve the quiz in the book with the perverse title “Chocolate Diet” by Sally Ann Voak. This is the first and most important step towards creating your individual weight loss plan.

What to eat and how to eat to lose weight?

Once you’ve reviewed the result of the quiz, you’ll find out what your daily calorie limit is and what kind of products should be included in your menu. Individual diet plans contain an average of 1,000 to 1,600 calories per day, including chocolate, of course. Total calorie intake is not high, so you lose weight – you eat chocolate and lose weight, that is. I can tell you that most of these diet plans are based largely on low-calorie vegetables, as well as lean milk and herbal tea instead of your favorite coffee.

Diet should always go hand in hand with physical exercise because only such a combination guarantees the desired goal. You will find the right set of exercises, adjusted to how much you love sweets, in the already mentioned book. The “Chocolate Diet” will provide you with a database of information on what to eat, how much to eat and how to exercise so that you don’t deny yourself the pleasure of eating chocolate and lose weight quickly. Remember, you don’t have to give up the sweets. If the total number of calories doesn’t exceed your daily limit you can afford some sweetness in your life.

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