Are you looking for a good and professional partition tool? Do you find difficult to perform your disk partitions using the traditional Windows approach? If you said yes or even nodded to any of the two questions, then you are absolutely at the right place.

Partitioning has changed a lot over the past years, and we should say that it has got a lot advanced today compared to earlier command line utilities. Thanks to companies like EaseUS, they have been making our lives easy with their outstanding and amazing set of programs.

In this article, we are going to take a look over at EaseUS Partition Master Professional. In the market, it’s one of the most popular and advanced partitioning tool. We recommend this program over many other similar software because of mainly two reasons. First, it’s from a well know tech company, i.e. EaseUS and second, it offers off-power protection mechanism which works when your device goes through an unexpected shutdown. Here, the data protection should be the top most priority!


EaseUS Software makes it easy to create, clone, merge, format, move and resize partitions under Windows operating system. The company boasts that the program is used worldwide on almost 60,000,000 computers. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the program :

  • Easily get rid of low disk space issues by merging small partitions into one large partition
  • Perform formatting and deleting of HDD, SD card, SSD, memory card, etc.
  • Easily manage your volumes that are on dynamic disks.
  • Manage disk partition errors by checking selected partitions.
  • Have a lot of useless data? Clear them away from your selected partitions
  • Easily get rid of junk storage and effectively optimize the disk performance
  • It has got command line support
  • Perform your disk and partition conversion at ease
  • The migration of OS to HDD or SSD is possible.
  • It has support for the Windows storage spaces

Performance :

If you ever come across any hard drive issues, then this software can be utilized to recover your lost data. No matter what type of situation you have gone through, whether it is a virus attack or a full format, the recovery wizard should get you going soon.

At times, Windows doesn’t boot up and this is when you can run the EaseUS Software even from a CD, giving it acesss to all recovery and partitioning tools.

The program is available in almost all the major languages including English, French, Danish, Polish, Chinese (Traditional), German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, etc. Lastly, it even has got support for the Windows 64-bit versions, which makes it a perfect option for all the enterprise and business field.

Steps To Resize Disk Partitions :

1) Download the program and open it on your device

2) Proceed by selecting a partition, and choosing the option “Resize/Move partition”

3) In this step, we will have to resize the partition and for that, you can do one of the two things. First, directly move the storage bar by dragging or choose a new size for your partition

4) Just make the final review and confirm things to end the process.

Conclusion :

We got a copy of the program for reviewing and as we have earlier also used many other products of EaseUS, we decided to give this one also a shot.

EaseUS have always been known for producing unique problem solving programs for the mass audience. There creations always offer a little more than the primary roles, and same was the case with this one. It’s not just a primary partition tool, but a very good and updated disk management software too with different types of tools.

The professional version suits well for businesses and the people who have to deal with disks frequently. We also tried few tests on the software and the results were very satisfying and upto the mark to be called better than most of the other similar softwares.

We hope that you will fall in love with the EaseUS program and also recommend it to your other friends and family members. If you have anything to share related to the article, let us know in the comments section below.

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