ByteDance, Toutiao developed TikTok in September 2016. It is a popular video-sharing social network service. It is more popular among youth nowadays. In recent years TikTok got good fame due to its best features. It is available in 40 languages. People can download TikTok from Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can also download TikTok on PC with the help of an emulator.

How to Get More Views on TikTok Videos?

TikTok is a more famous and popular social network nowadays. There are millions of TikTok users worldwide. It is more popular among the young generation. It is everyone’s wish to make his/her videos viral on TikTok and get more likes and views on them. But everyone does not know how to increase likes and views on videos.  Getting more views on TikTok videos is tricky.  This article will discuss all the tips and tricks to make the TikTok videos viral and get more views. 

Build an Optimized Profile 

Your profile has a great effect on your videos. And it is your first impact on your viewers.  First, make an optimized profile on TikTok.  Complete your profile and add all necessary things. Write the best and work-related description of your profile.  Add a unique and attractive profile picture on your profile to attract more viewers. The profile picture must be related to your content. Add your website, YouTube, Instagram, and other links to your bio. When your 100% completed your profile and optimized it, you have more chances to get a high rank on TikTok. 

Make Attractive and High-Quality Videos 

All of us know that the views and likes on TikTok are based on videos. You should make attractive videos. The attractive videos do not mean that you buy expensive things like shoes or clothes for you, but it means you should make creative and more funny videos. Also, there is a great role in video quality. In the modern age, people like to watch high-quality videos. You should make HD videos. For this purpose, you need proper lighting and the best camera. Make videos in the best and attractive background. We also recommend you edit your videos with the best video editing tools to increase their quality. 

How to get more views on TikTok

Use Best Hashtags

Hashtags have a vital role in making viral TikTok videos. You should choose the best and popular Hashtags for your videos. See the Hashtags of your competitors and also add unique Hashtags. The unique and popular Hashtags bring your videos to the top.  So it is not enough to make high-quality videos, but also you need to add Hashtags to your videos.  

download tiktok

Be More Creative

Creativity plays an important role to make the TikTok videos viral. You should think broadly and out of the box. Always make original and more creative videos. Choose the best and unique Music for your videos. It brings more viewers to your profile. Make a strategy for your videos, so your creativity helps you get more views on TikTok. 

How to get more views on TikTok

Upload Videos at the Proper Time 

Make a strategy to upload videos on TikTok at high traffic time. Most people use TikTok at night, so you should upload videos 1-2 hours before night. In this way, you will be able to get more views on your videos. 

Share your Videos on other Platforms 

TikTok allows its users to share their videos on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram,  WhatsApp, YouTube etc.  So when you upload your videos on TikTok, always share them on other platforms. It will help you to bring more traffic to your TikTok profile. In this way, you can increase your video views.  

download tiktokCollaborate with TikTok Users

Unity also helps to make the videos viral. Try to make with other TikTok users. When you make a video with the famous TikTok users, then the followers of this Tiktoker may follow you and like your videos. It will help you to grab more viewers.  

Upload Videos Daily

To get more views and rank your videos, You need to upload videos daily. When you upload videos daily, TikTok ranks your videos high. So upload at least one video regularly daily to get more views. 

Can I Download TikTok on PC?

TikTok is now considered the most popular and famous video sharing application. There are millions of TikTok users in the world. It can be used on mobile Android and iPhone. But it is not suitable for mobile phones because it occupies more space and consumes more power. To avoid this problem, most TikTokers want to use TikTok on their PC or laptop, but they do not know how to use TikTok on PC. It is effortless and easy to Install and use TikTok on a PC. To download TikTok on the PC, the users need to download and install an android emulator on their PC or laptop. Different types of emulators are available in the market, but the top android emulator is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

LDPlayer is an android emulator; this emulator’s purpose is to play the android games and run the android apps on a PC or laptop. This android emulator has high quality and 3D amazing graphics, which gives real enjoyment to its users. Besides its graphics, it also has the best interface, which helps users run android apps smoothly. LDPlayer also includes the best settings which help its users while using the apps or playing the games. Due to these features, we can say that it is the top android emulator.

How to get more views on TikTok

How to Download LDPlayer?

To download LDPlayer, you do not require any skills or techniques because it has a very simple and easy downloading process. Here are some basic steps to download LDPlayer.

  1. Go to the website of LDPlayer.
  2. On the website of LDPlayer, you will find an emulator.
  3. Tap on the emulator and click the download button.
  4. It will be downloaded in just a few seconds.
  5. Install LDPlayer on your PC or laptop.
  6. Open the app and enjoy the android games or apps on your laptop or PC.How to get more views on TikTok

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