WhatsApp is the Brazilian’s preferred application for keeping in touch with friends, whether on Android, iOS or the computer. Given its popularity, there are several apps that bring extra and unofficial features to the messenger in order to circumvent their limitations. Among them, one that has attracted attention is the GBWhatsApp. See below for everything you need to know about it:

Firstly, you need to explain that it is an unofficial modification of WhatsApp, bringing all the features that already exist and some unique features, which will be explained below. It can even completely replace the official WhatsApp, being kept as the default application if it is the users will.

GBWhatsApp has been around for a long time. It is billed as a “modified version of WhatsApp offering newer features,” which sets up a better user experience. But is GBWhatsApp dangerous?

How to download GBWhatsApp

For the sake of breaking certain security rules without the permission of the WhatsApp team, GBWhatsApp app is not available in the Play Store. To download it, you must resort to unofficial alternative links. Understand better the advantages and disadvantages of opting for this path.

Exclusive functions of GBWhatsApp

Although very similar to the official application, GBWhatsapp brings some functions that are unique or that run differently. Many of them, incidentally, are not even present in WhatsApp test versions. See below its main highlights:

  • Use more than one account on the same device – By default, in the official WhatsApp application; you can only use one account at a time;
  • Changing themes – Just like the Telegram, GBWhatsApp brings themes to change the look of the app;
  • Increased character limit for Status – Officially made posts can be up to 139 characters long. Here the limit is higher, but the developer does not provide details;
  • Password protection for the program and conversations – The official WhatsApp does not have a native method to protect your application or conversations by passwords or PIN code;
  • Hide notifications from readings or receipts – Even after reading or listening to a message, you can hide the read or received notification from it;
  • Other privacy options – In the settings menu, you have more privacy options to hide your status, last seen, if you are typing or recording a message and others

“Is it worth to use?”

GBWhatsApp may be an interesting application for its extra functions, doubts as to its origin and security are enough to ward off any user cautious. After all, it is common for users to exchange multiple sensitive and sensitive messages in the popular messaging application, which can be intercepted at any time.

Another point that the user should keep in mind is that when using GBWhatsApp, or any other unauthorized WhatsApp client, the individual is not only putting themselves at risk as their contacts. After all, in a conversation with two or more people involved, a loophole is enough for everyone at risk of being harmed. That is, all caution is little.

Finally, if you think it’s still worth installing GBWhatsApp because of its extra features, know that there are much more secure and reliable applications that add their functions to WhatsApp.

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