The Pakistan Government decided to have a proper count of all the people within the country and then thought of expanding this search to Pakistan citizens in other countries as well. They did this through a system called NADRA which is the National Database and Registration Authority. This is an independent and autonomous agency under the Ministry of Interior. The main job of this agency is to regulate Government databases and manage sensitive information of all the national citizens of Pakistan.


They also play a large role in making sure people receive their computerised identification cards. They additionally handle the entire process or coordinate it with multiple private agencies and supervise the data processing and storing internally. They have to constantly keep updating their systems to make sure that the information that they gathered isn’t stolen or falls into the wrong hands. NADRA works globally with five international offices and a couple of domestic ones. They also have a staff of more than 25000 people who handle everything internally.

NADRAs Computerised National Identity Card

The CNIC was launched by the Pakistan Government about two decades back and is not mandatory for the people of Pakistan. However, the CNIC is needed for all major purposes in the country, including to apply for other documents, like driving licences and passports, or dealing with institutions like banks or opening accounts, and even for smaller tasks like getting admission in high school. The requirements to apply for one are quite simple and would be available to most people from the country. They would have to submit them at the office and have to be above 18 years of age. The main documents needed are proof of identification and address.

The computerised identification cards have a unique ID for each of the people using them. They are better than the regular options since they have security features, are not easy to duplicate, and can be read by computers which makes them easier and faster to handle when people are waiting in queues.

What Benefits Do You Receive For Handling The Process Through The Website?

The NADRA online website is better than travelling to the office in person only because it makes the entire process a lot more convenient, which automatically makes it faster. The NADRA office has a fair amount of pros, the people there are very helpful and more than happy to assist the applicants in any way possible. Additionally, you are communicating with the people who would ideally be handling the process which gives the applicant better direction. However, with the website, all application forms are easily available and can be downloaded whenever needed.
Additionally, a list of the supporting documents are also available and would have to be attached along with the forms.

There are instances where the person would be called to the office for their photograph and biometrics to be taken to be used for the form. They would be given a time and a date when theyhave to visit it.

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