Owning a car has turned a lot more expensive. Even with the developments in technology, some parameters like fuel, materials, Internal parts are still on the high, but a car is not a luxury anymore. It makes journeys easier and pleasant. So how to reduce the expenses in your car without compromising on anything? Can we cut down on the costs of some devices used to maintain our purses full? Let’s find out.

In this article, we have described a few ways in which you can cut down the expenses on your car. These are some simple devices which makes your car better. Some of these devices also make certain aspects of maintaining a car easier, thereby saving a great amount of time.

Best Devices to Save Money and Time



The car batteries you select also play a huge role in the car’s maintenance. Lead-acid storage batteries of internal voltage up to 2v are used in a car. Usually, a 12v battery is fine for a regular car. Hence six lead-acid storage batteries are connected in series and used in cars. If the battery dies, you need to replace the car battery or have it recharged.

This maintenance cost might be a burden if you have the right budget. Hence the AGM batteries. These AGM batteries are similar to the Lead Acid storage cells in all ways except one. The electrolyte or the catalyst is not a liquid in the battery. To charge these AGM batteries, you need special chargers. These chargers don’t cost much and provide the battery overall is as efficient as a Lead-acid storage cell. To select the best AGM battery charger, you can visit various websites and select the best one in the market in terms of both lifetime and price.


  • Car Filter Cleaners


Car Filter cleaners do exactly what the name suggests. Not a lot of people know that an unclean filter reduces car mileage by almost 10% every year. So, even if these filter cleaners seem like addition in your budget, it sure is worth the buy.

You can clean the filter manually too. You need to take it out and use an air hose to remove the dust. Though it seems like an easy process, it takes up your time, which in this case can be spent on doing something better. Hence the device saves both money and time.


  • Select the right Tires


Selecting the right tires for your car is as important as choosing the car itself. Everything is dependent on tires. Using some particular type of tires can affect your driving and savings in a good way. Some tires like steel-belted radial tires usually increase the mileage by around 10-15%.


  • Change the oil of your car


Now, the latest cars in the market could run up to 10,000 miles without an oil change. Even though a few mechanics suggest an oil change after 3k miles, it is not necessary to do. You save quite some money by changing your oil once every 10,000 miles. Coming to the savings, if you do the oil change by yourself, you can save almost 50% of the money you spend on this. 

Now, you don’t need a degree in automotive to do it (Yes, unlike the what the mechanics say). You can do this by yourself with just some practice. There are a lot of online videos demonstrating how to change the oil in your car. All you need is an oil filter, oil, and some more equipment.

By following these methods, and using the devices mentioned in the above article, you save a lot of money and time on your car.

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