Since childhood, I can’t imagine life without good music, like most of you. This is a good reason to turn the TV viewing area into a really cozy corner for listening to music and watching movies. The AV receiver is considered to be the backbone of the home theater system. What tasks are capable of solving these devices?  Find the best budget stereo receiver for you.

Just a few people now represent their daily lives without music and headphones in their ears. The modern market offers users dozens of different headphones, differing in the application, form factor, the presence of wires and other characteristics. Well, let’s move on to the immediate top of the best headsets.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

This model is an improved model of Marshall Major III supporting connection to a mobile device using a wireless network Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to enjoy the premium-quality sound without any extra wires. However, in case of battery discharge, headphones are connected using a classic detachable cable with a mini-jack L-shaped plug.

Meizu HD50

This is the best budget headphones for people who value the sound and at the same time are not indifferent to the design of their device. So, the body of the gadget is executed in a modern aluminum alloy.

Sony MDR-EX450

Japanese brand Sony – one of the flagships in the production of the acoustics of the highest level of quality, it is not surprising that their headset is no exception. These vacuum headphones are a great, small everyday solution for listening to the music of a wide variety of genres.

Samsung EO-EG920 Fit

This is a universal device for active people who prefer a bright lifestyle, made of pleasant, tenacious material. At the highest level is the design. The device has a lot of colors that allow you to pick up headphones for both men and women.

Koss Porta Pro

The main advantage of this device, of course, is their convenient and practical design, which is distinguished by its transformability. The sound of the headset fully justifies their price, because it is just fantastic for almost all styles of music.

Meizu Pop

This is a True Wireless headset for those who are “tired” of cables and want to enjoy the future today. The device connects to a smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth network version 5.0, such a connection does not “disappear” during sudden head movements and does not create a delay in the transmission of sound when watching a video.

Jabees BTwins

The first thing that catches your eye when you first look at a gadget is their unusual design and extreme compactness. It provides crystal clear sound to the ears.

Sennheiser PC330

Music, effects and other game sounds are very realistic, clean and pleasant, which helps to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Powerful gaming gadget has a futuristic and original appearance.

Shure SE215-CL

This premium device created for audiophiles. The frequency range is 22-17500 Hz. That allows you to play absolutely all the bass, high and low frequencies at an incredibly high level.

Creative EP-630

Headphones have excellent sound provided by the presence of a special cable made of oxygen-free copper to reduce noise and interference, as well as innovative speakers with a range of 6 Hz – 23 kHz.

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