Are you bored of your house and want to switch things up a little but don’t want to splurge on a whole redecoration process? 

Here are some tips that you can use to redecorate your house. All these ways are pocket-friendly and don’t need you to spend a lot to make your home look pretty. 

1. Fancy up the Walls

You can make use of the walls in your house and oomph things up by adding artwork or collages filled with your favorite family pictures to your corridors or passageways. If you have antique plates, you can display them on the walls as well. You can also opt for quirky wall decor or simply write your favorite quote on the walls using stick-on letters. 

2. Make a Big Statement

There are various ways you can do this. Add a big fancy clock to your main room. The clock is something everyone will notice now and then, making it worth everyone’s time. Another way of doing this is by adding a big canvas or a vintage chair that grabs everyone’s attention. 

3. Add some Greens

As simple as it sounds, this can light up your house very elegantly like no other object. But, plants need love and care to survive. If you want an easier way, you can opt for faux plants. There are different ways to showcase plants; you can use hanging plants or add them in vases if you could go for succulents that are easy to care for. 

4. Make Space to Show off Your Collection

Do you like reading books? Or do you have rare and age-old collectibles? 

Add a display or make a corner to fill and show your collections. You can opt for a huge bookshelf that holds all your favorite books from over the years or goes for a glass shelf that fits all your antique or vintage, quirky pieces of possessions. 

5. Be Bold with Colors

An easy way to oomph up your house without compromising on space or shelling out money is by painting your walls with a different color. You can choose from many options, pick a color that goes with your furniture, and paint a single wall of each room. If you are not sure to use which color, do quick research on color theory and find out what suits you the best. 

6. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

This is something you might already have in your house. Use various lamps at every nook and corner of your home to lighten up even the darkest corners. Make sure to open windows during the day to let the sunlight in, making the house fresh and beautiful. During the evening, you can wear fairy lights, candles or small lamps. Also, don’t forget to replace your circuit boards and add a funky Chint Switch to enhance the look of it.

7. Go Boho

A quick way to change the look of your house is by switching your fabric. Using fabrics to showcase a certain aesthetic is very comforting and pleasing to the eyes as well. Change the cushion covers, your curtains, or just add rugs to your rooms. Certain boho wall art can also make your room look elegant and pretty. 

8. Use Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your walls can also give the illusion that your house is bigger than it looks. Mirrors also work great for a geometric look to your home, scientifically pleasing to the eyes. You can either opt for different small mirrors set up together or go for a large and full-length mirror with a fancy and elegant frame. 

9. Switch the Furniture Placement

As simple as it sounds, this should be the first thing you need to do to change the look of your house. Simply move around your furniture to make the best of the space available to you. Doing this will also enable you to Optimize the space you have while changing things up entirely.  

10. Do it Yourself

If you don’t want to spend much on buying new furniture or decor, opt for ways to design and create decor on your own! With a few types of equipment or used scraps from here and there, you can come up with something entirely new and pretty. 


These are some of the best ideas to decorate your home at a considerable budget. You can try implementing these ideas every month and start gradually changing the look of your house.

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