To travel or not to travel around the world is a choice. But let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a breathtaking holiday getaway to top travel destinations? Well, it is never too late to work out a travel plan. Most importantly, having an idea about places where one can create unforgettable memories makes all the difference. So, here comes the big question. Are you ready and set for autumn? 

We know autumn is a few months away but soon, winter will be gone then weeks to the big day. For someone who has always traveled during fall, there is no better time to take pictures than posing for selfies in with loved ones in the autumn sunshine. It could get better if you added a few golfing locations like Palmares Golf Course on your travel bucket list.  Another question you should be asking right now is where should you go for the best fall of golden leaves? Well, let’s stop the guesswork and head straight to exploring top autumn destinations. 



You would never go wrong with Portugal. Everyone vacationer wants to set foot in Madeira, Lisbon, Algarve, and Porto. Take for example Lisbon. Visiting this Portuguese city during autumn does not only come with great air ticketing packages but also lots of fun.  But where will you experience the best of fall once you land in Portugal?


Well, from the city’s beautiful streets, wonderful coastlines to historical architectural marvels, strolling along the streets of a Lisbon would not be in Vain. Memories you will create here can only get better with every passing day. If you love to spend your time in the ocean, the island of Madeira is a great destination, attracting millions of travellers every year.


  • Poland


A date with Poland, especially during autumn is perfect timing for those who want to learn the polish culture. Cities like Lech Poznan always have something to offer every autumn.  From colourful street art that makes a walk down the stress of Piotrkowska feel like being in an art gallery to mention film nights that bring back memories of good golden days, Poland is worth visiting during autumn


  • Iceland


If you have plans ready for a long vacation, we suggest Iceland as the ultimate autumn destination.  A walk down the streets of the country’s capital welcomes you a world where no traffic jams but beautiful leaves falling with every step.  Life in Iceland is cheap. Car hire for a week’s stay will only cost a few bucks yet enjoy a ride to many places. 

When in Iceland during autumn, a trip to Vik Island, the countries glacier and volcanic planes is worth the stay. You can always extend your stay until November to catch a glimpse of the much-talked-about Northern Lights.


  • Austria


Not many travelers have Austria in their top autumn travel destinations. Maybe they always forget because, on a scale of one to ten, the Austrian landscape gives a perfect autumn treat. The autumn weather is best experienced in this part of the world and no site compares to spending the night in a cottage deep in the countryside. For an even better glimpse of autumn leaves falling, visit the central church, a towering 36 meters building. 


  • Japan


Autumn leaves fall in different shades. But in Japan, you will get the perfect shades of red. A green landscape straddling the Sea of Japan in the distant horizon is an overwhelming treat for those looking for a romantic getaway. A stroll in between pines in Karamatsu and Fuji slopes should never miss from your bucket list.

Final Words

The best countries to visit during autumn vary from one person to another. It could be that your desire to fulfill a childhood dream of walking along London Bridge this year or a tour of France will be worth every penny. In this post, we picked some of the best countries that should never miss from your plan.

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