There is no debate that more than half the world population is heavily dependent on electrical energy to perform one task or another. Electricity as it were, has become an integral part of our society, but unfortunately, a lot of us consume this electricity in excess or more than we necessarily ought to. Not consciously of course, but as a result of not being completely uninformed about seemingly simple habits, that when implemented, can go a long way in reducing that utility bill. However, there are always great options with flexible prices that help us spend less money. For instance, TXU Energy has a lot of exciting plans that can be adapted to every customer, from free plans to month-to-month plans, and of course, it includes a great saver’s choice plan as well. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


Microwave oven:

This can be found in many houses, and for the most part, is always left on even when not in use. The microwave oven is among the least used appliances in the house, but little do you know that this device is continually consuming electricity to keep itself in standby mode and ready for you anytime you need it. An appliance standards awareness project (ASAP) in the U.S carried out a study in 2016 and discovered that a typical microwave oven is actively used for 70 hours in a year and other times (around 8690 hours) it consumes 35 kilowatts per hour in “vampire power”.

Cable box:

The cable box is a commonplace device that can be found in every home, If you have a television, it is most likely you have this as well. When not in use, it seems to just display a clock on the surface, but that’s not even the half of it, these boxes are always receiving signals and sometimes recording coded messages all the time. They are always consuming their full power requirements even when in standby mode.

Blower fans:

This device can be found in a central heating set-up, and its major role is to distribute or dissipate heat/cooling throughout an entire building. Most people are not cognizant of the fact that they have a blower fan constantly expending energy. It is one of many household biggest electricity consumers. This can be checkmated by the use of energy-efficient motors, like brushless permanent magnet (BPM) models. By using the BPM models, one can cut the consumption of your central heating or cooling system by half.


It is important for people to always keep track of all their appliances and their corresponding electricity ratings in other to manage, conserve and mitigate excessive power consumption


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