The use of VPN has been normalized ever since multiple cyber-attacks were reported around the globe. Cyber-attacks are more often occurring than you think, there is an attack for every 39 seconds (read more) and hackers often target small businesses. We fear an invasion of the privacy of our browser as it contains many data like our IP address. Our IP address serves as windows for many hackers to track you down or invade your computer or other devices.

We use our IP addresses every time we use our internet connection and browse through the internet. We frequently browse the internet, but even if you do not consistently use the internet, a cyberattack can still occur. So what to do to prevent these occurrences? We subscribe to VPN companies that offer top-notch data privacy security.

VPNs do not have a physical gadget, like a router, to work its magic, instead, we use software like apps to hide our data. There are free apps and premium apps available to download at online stores. Free apps offer you some standard use of VPN, while premium has some extra perks with good services. 

Some free apps offer paid services to upgrade to premium, but how do we pay for them? We use our credit or debit cards and gift cards. In this article, we will take a look at the differences between using a credit or debit card when buying the services and using gift cards.

VPN 101: All You Have To Know About The Network

It is an acronym for Virtual Private Network that we use for privacy and security purposes. As the name suggests, we use a private network to mask our traffic while we browse through the internet across public network connections. There are different types of virtual private networks designed for niche or general use. 

Types Of VPN

  • Remote Access Virtual Private Network

Remote access virtual private network connects you to a remote server with encryptions that assures security. This type is the most popular and you may have already used this before. This type is the reason commercialized VPN exists and many businesses revolving around it are still increasing.

  • Site-To-Site Virtual Private Network

This type is used primarily by businesses that allow multiple computers at different places to access the data of the company. There are two other subtypes of this type; these are intranet and extranet site-to-site VPN. An example of using the intranet type is when your headquarters are back in Florida and you are communicating with employees at a branch in California. The extranet type is a connection between the two intranets, for example, two partnered companies have intranets and are collaborating.

Credit Or Debit Card VS. Gift Cards

  • Convenience

When using a credit or debit card, it is easier to pay for the premium since you will only have to fill out your information to subscribe. Another use for it is to have access to auto-renewal functions offered by VPN service providers. Your credits are being charged every month, so you can use their services continuously.

Gift cards do not have access to these perks. You also have to go to a store to pay for a gift card. Lastly, only several businesses accept gift cards resulting in having limited use.

  • Simplicity

For credit users, they fill out the information on their cards, it would take them some time and errors might occur like their credits have been denied due to problems. But when you are paying with a gift card, you have to put the code and then wait for it to get accepted. It is also simple when trying to redeem the card with a customer service representative. When they ask for the code, you only provide it to them and wait until they are finished. 

  • Control

The inability to auto-renew using gift cards is a “blessing in disguise” as many would put it. When auto-renewal, you will be automatically charged through the credits. Users sometimes forgot to cancel their auto-renew. They end up calling customer service. But using gift cards, you will have total control as to when to subscribe.

  • Flexibility

You do not have to own a credit card or debit card to subscribe; you can use gift cards for it! It will act the same as using cash to pay for the subscription; that is their purpose in a nutshell. The drawback of using these cards is extra charges; some companies charge you extra for the services provided.

  • Complete Anonymity

Once you fill out your credit card information in a company, it stays in their system for future use. Your date would be exposed for many employees working in the company. Chances are, there might be someone in the company that might use your credit information (link: to buy things. It can happen anywhere in the globe, no matter which country you are in, someone from another country might use your credit information.

Another occurrence that might happen is a cyberattack on the company. There is no such thing as “invincible”, expert hackers might get through even the toughest of securities. This occurrence, however, is unlikely, but still can happen, and your information might be exposed when the attack occurred. 

In comparison, using the gift cards would not have you provide or disclose information on who you are or your credit information. You put the code of the gift card and redeem the services provided. The only data that would retain is the history of the transaction and use.

Other Uses For Gift Cards

  1. Use It As A Present To Someone

Know someone who uses gift cards instead of credit or debit cards to pay the premium VPN services? This redeemable card is a perfect present for them! It would greatly help them save up for a month, and since it is a physical item, you can give it to them without a problem.

  1. Resell Them

You have an unused card and need extra cash? You can resell them to someone, but of course, it has to be fresh. Reselling them is also a good way to get rid of an extra card if you have plenty.

  1. Trading

Trading them is like reselling them, but instead of money, you will receive a different item. Just like reselling, it is a good way to get rid of extras; you might trade it for something more useful. The drawback is sometimes you would not have the same value as the item you are trading, and it may have a lesser value than the card.

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