There are so many headphones available on the market that it’s never been easier to find something for yourself. Both for a lover of extreme sports and a loner who appreciates listening to music at home. Find out what criteria to follow to choose the right headphones for your needs!


What are the types of headphones?

Headphones can be divided into many different aspects. The first is their purpose. Different headphones – due to their predominant features – should be bought by a person who listens to music from an mp3 player, and other headphones should be chosen by a person who wants to watch movies and TV series on the computer while the rest of the household is asleep. For this reason, headphones for home use, bluetooth headphones, headphones for sportsmen or just classic office headphones for a call center are put into different categories.

Headphones – Portability 

The second distinction can be made along the lines of – let’s call it – portability. This is of course the case with corded and wireless headphones, the latter of which are more convenient for people always on the move and athletes. Lack of any cables means that nothing gets tangled up and We have more freedom of movement. In addition, wireless headphones use various technologies, mainly Bluetooth. Think about which one you should choose: Wired or wireless headphones? Read some headphone reviews and you’ll generally see the shift to wireless headphones even along true audiophiles. 

Headphones – Design

The third, by far the most popular distinction of headphones takes into account their design. It has an impact on the comfort of wearing, appearance, size etc. Two main types with clear subtypes can be listed here, which gives a total of four groups:

Classic earbuds – these are very popular headphones due to their versatility and low price. You will meet them not only in electronics stores, but also in many other stores, including small shops and even clothing stores! These headphones are inserted into the ear, but don’t go deep into the ear, leaving small cracks. Lack of tightness means they don’t dampen sounds as well as modern models. They are also less stable – they fall out easier when the cable is pulled. They can be both wired and wireless (these are suitable for athletes). They are available in hundreds of colors and shades!

In-Ear Headphones are a newer generation of headphones. The earbuds have silicone caps that go deeper (into the ear canal, as the name suggests). They are great for sound absorption, so they are useful for people listening to music on their phones, mp3 or m4, but they can be dangerous for people practicing certain sports! If you are running by the side of the road or riding your bike on the streets, you should not suppress the sounds. If this happens, you may not be able to hear the approaching vehicle and be injured or put others at risk,

On-ear Headphones contrary to your suspicions, these are not office headphones. True on-ear models had come a long way since they came into the attention of music lovers – only a few choose those modern variants. You put it on your head from the top or the back. They stick to the ear, so after some time they become uncomfortable – the ear starts to hurt. They were standard in times when you used walkmans and CD-players, headphones with a pair of earphones – and these are the headphones you see when you think about Headphones.

Over-ear Headphones are comfortable and well suppress external sounds. You can buy them in many colors with different amenities. They are a great choice for gamers and night-time movie and TV fans. Because they don’t stick directly to the ear, they’re better for hearing – suitable for young people like students and children who want to focus on computer-based educational games. 


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