With seemingly no end to summer this year it is important that you take proper care for your AC. It’s obvious that your AC is working for long hours due to the tremendous heat outside. If you run your air conditioner in less than its peak efficiency it may soar your electric bill actually. A properly functioning AC will cool your room within ten to fifteen minutes. If it takes longer than that maybe you should consider having a chemical wash for your AC.


Over time, pollutants, bacteria, and dust build up inside any air conditioner. Ordinary water can get some of the surface dirt removed but a thorough cleaning is the only thing that will get rid of all harmful bacteria that could be inside the unit. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • It makes the air healthier for breathing
  • It increases the lifespan of your air conditioner


The first and foremost thing to consider for you is the money you are willing to spend. There are different companies charging differently for their services.

How to look for such agencies

You can look for such agencies online or take reference of your neighbor and relatives. If you are looking online there are a host of companies listed on the internet.

Knowing more about the company or agency

After selecting which agency you want, you should do some online search for the company and what services do they offer. How long has the company been servicing, how many staffs/ technicians does it have? Where is their office and does it have any customer service number.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

An important parameter if you are looking to hire online. Make sure you read the reviews posted by other people and their ratings.

Whether they conduct all types of chemical wash

There are various types of chemical washing from Airecontrol services generally on offer. They are mainly categorized into two types-

  • Non dismantle wash- where the components are cleaned using equipment without moving the AC. It generally takes a few hours.
  • Full dismantle wash – The AC is removed first and cleaned after dismantling its components. This generally takes a few days.

Make sure if you want full dismantle wash you are ready to part with your AC for a few days.


This could be important especially if you are working. You wouldn’t want them to knock the door when you are at your office. For this make sure that you speak with the agency on their helpline number while making the appointment.




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