Pet parents are bonding together over CBD for their pets. Word of mouth is spreading in the dog community that each is having positive results with the substance for wellness symptoms. Here-and-there vets are engaging in their own independent studies to see how the compound works, and science is beginning trials on the animal species, focused mainly on dogs currently, with positive results thus far in arthritis studies.

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The pet line of products is increasingly growing more plentiful with choices for administering the compound as brands recognize the challenge in giving the puppy something unfamiliar to his palate. There are a number of flavored chews and dog treats to satisfy nearly any picky canine and many suggestions for methods of application from suppliers.

Introducing CBD Treats To Your Dog

CBD dog products are ever-evolving with the traditional tinctures, oils, and topicals, plus chews and dog treats being developed as a means to entice the picky pup into a sense of at least curiosity over the new-to-your-dog substance. It’s critical to learn to safely introduce the compound into a dog’s daily regimen in order for the products to benefit your pooch effectively.

  • Talk To The Vet: Always speak to the animal’s regular vet before beginning a new routine with your dog. The medical provider can help you determine the best way to administer CBD for your specific canine. While there, the vet can do a wellness check to review medications and help to determine the proper dosage.
  • Minimal Doses To Start: In the beginning, the vet will advise a dose that is the smallest for your dog’s specific breed. The animal won’t take a full dosage to start so that he can acclimate to the substance. You can slowly and gradually build the pup up to a point where you begin to see a reduction in his symptoms. At that point, you can stop increasing and keep it stable. 
  • Use Your Pet’s Sense Of Smell: Even before you start the routine, allow your dog to smell CBD, whether it be in treat form or a tincture. A dog’s nose is prevalent in “olfactory receptors,” allowing them to process information about everything they smell. 

CBD is plant-derived, so it will likely not trigger bells and whistles with the pup, but it can give you a sense of the type of reaction you’ll get with the application. If the animal is offended by the smell, you’ll know right away that you’ll need to be creative with the administration. Click for advice on giving your canine cannabidiol.

  • Blend The Substance Into Food – If you get the feeling that treats are not going to be a hit, you can always blend a few drops of tincture or oils into the pet’s food. It will work with either dry or wet choices. This is a more straightforward way for the canine to try the product without the dog genuinely knowing he’s ingesting it. 

But if during the “smell” test, the pup is okay with the aroma, the infused treats would be a much more convenient option, albeit more challenging for dosing than oils.

Choose an optimum time to give your dog his treats or the tinctures in his routine that doesn’t seem unusual or disrupt what is normal for him. With CBD treats, you can use these as a positive reinforcement as you would with any dog treat for which he would typically anticipate for good behavior. Or, your furry friend can enjoy drops of tincture with his favorite food when everyone else sits down to have their dinner. Open this link “Click Here for a guide on choosing treats.

Final Thought

The key takeaway is that you don’t want to make an application into something that creates any type of anxiety for the animal. If it’s stressful, the dog will begin to hide when it comes time for the next dose, comparing it to when he receives any sort of medication. 

You want to introduce the substance in a way that the puppy feels like he’s participating in the decision. The primary consideration will be the results of the “sniff” test. 

That will determine how you’ll need to proceed with your application method. Either your dog will feel no way in particular because it is plant-based, or he’ll turn his nose up and jog off – tincture or treat – doggy’s choice.

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