Do you like solving problems or deciphering codes? Have you always been interested in ripping off the cover of your computer and tinker with its inner workings? If so, then taking up a computer science degree online is perfect for you.

A computer science degree online requires students to be analytical to devise programs and systems and detail-oriented to troubleshoot problems effectively. Communication skills are also essential, so computer science majors can communicate with non-technical individuals and assess their needs correctly.

More and more students choose programming careers. Writemyessays notice that in the 21st century the number of software developers increased by 2.5-3 million every 3 years. In 2014, IDC (International Data Corporation) talked about 18.5 million programmers around the world.
In 2017, DQYDJ reported 21 million developers, including those for whom programming is just a hobby. It is expected that by 2023 they will be 27.7 million.

If you study computer science, you will gain many non-technical and technical skills which employers from different industries highly value. From the development of computer software to computer programming, there’s plenty of choices for areas that you can specialize in to jump start your professional career.

Here’s a more comprehensive look at the top 6 careers after completing a computer science degree online.

Become An IT Consultant

As an IT consultant, you will work with clients and advise them on the design, planning, installation, and usage of IT systems. The aim is to help your clients achieve their business goals, solve IT-related problems, and improve the efficiency and overall structure of their IT systems. An IT consultant represents a broad role in information and technology and may function similarly with other specialized roles such as the following:

  • Systems analysts
  • Systems designers
  • Application programmers

An IT consultant may also be involved in business development and sales generation by identifying and maintaining good business contacts with clients. The competition for this career is fierce, so aspiring IT consultants should build on their work experience to increase their chances of getting noticed by prospects.

Develop Softwares

Software developers are the genius behind software programs that allow individuals to perform tasks on mobile devices and computers. Software developers take care of the development, testing, and the permanent maintenance of software.

The role requires technical creativity and fluency in computer languages to solve software problems uniquely and write program codes.

Since software developers maintain the software and ensure that it’s functioning well, communication skills are essential for this role, so end-user insights and other necessary information are secured correctly.

Develop And Design Websites

If you’re into designing, creating, and maintaining websites, then a career in web development could be the ideal choice for you. Web developers work with clients from all sectors to improve the functionality and visual appearance of websites. To become a successful web developer, you must be adept at writing codes in languages such as JavaScript and HTML, as well as possess the following characteristics:

  • Good communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Being open to changes and adapting if necessary

These traits are essential for a web developer to keep up with the trends of technology and expectations of consumers.

Develop Applications For Mobile Phones

The technology of smartphones is continuing to evolve. That said, the demand for mobile phone apps is expected to grow in the years to come. Between today and 2024 is the best time for computer science graduates to take on a mobile application developer career as more opportunities are going to open up.

As a mobile application developer, you’re going to create applications for operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. You also need to have enough knowledge of programming languages like C++, C, Java, and Python. Creativity is an essential requirement for mobile app developers to understand the needs of users and be able to create a solution that caters to their needs effectively.

Maintain Cyber Security


Individuals who have completed a computer science degree online can also become a cyber security specialist or consultant. The advancement of technology in this modern world comes with threats, the reason why there’s a high demand for cyber security to protect data or information.

Some of the things that a cyber security consultant does include the following:

  • Analyze the nature of security breaches and the areas where they have occurred or might occur.
  • Restore the breached system, reinforce and improve it to prevent the same attack from successfully happening again.
  • Ensure that all confidential information and data are safe.
  • Conduct ‘ethical hacking’ to expose the weaknesses of your client’s network and make the necessary improvements.

A cyber security consultant may also choose to specialize in computer forensics to study and combat the cyber crime phenomenon.

Database Administrator

Evaluate and analyze the needs of computer users by becoming a database administrator. Database administrators are responsible for the development and improvement of data resources. This role deals with critical information and manages its storage and retrieval. Database administrators should have excellent problem-solving skills to correct any malfunction that may arise from the database and modify systems based on the current needs of the users.

Final Thoughts

Careers related to computer science, such as the ones mentioned above, are some of the highest-paid in the world. The world gets introduced to new technologies every year, so computer science jobs will always be significant in tomorrow’s job market. Obtaining a computer science degree online will give the necessary skills that you need to succeed in today’s in-demand jobs.

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