Are you looking to turn your truck into the ultimate getaway vehicle? Check out these candidates for best truck camper of 2019.

Are you interested in buying a truck camper?

There are a variety of options to choose from, all with the purpose of providing a comfortable experience from the back of your own truck!

There are 2 styles, one being a slide-in camper and the other that locks into an installed bed tray. This means that you can get a camper no matter what kind of truck bed you have.

Most truck camper manufacturers offer a variety of fabric colors to choose from and various arrangements for seating and sleeping.

Continue reading to get an idea of which is the best truck camper for you.

  1. Hawk Model (Slide-In)

One of the best full-size truck campers on the market, this truck bed pop-up camper is very popular and can hold 3-4 sleeping adults comfortably! This model is perfect for a Ford F-150 as it’s made for regular 6′-6.5′ beds.

  • Roof length of 128″
  • Floor length of 80″
  • Body width of 80″

The Hawk Model offers 5 different floor plans. The starting price is $18,995.

  1. Grandby Model (Slide-In)

If you have a larger vehicle like a Ford F-250 or 350, and want an off-road truck camper, the Grandby Model is an excellent choice because it serves trucks with 8′ beds! This model also supports 3-4 adults sleeping at once.

  • Roof length of 144″
  • Floor length of 96″
  • Body width of 80″

It has 5 different floor plans to choose from, and it starts at $19,695.

  1. Raven Model (Slide-In)

For trucks with very small beds, such as a Tundra CrewMax or a Nissan Titan CrewCab, the Raven Model will fit perfectly. This custom truck camper is designed to fit a short 5’5″-5’8″ bed, and it can still support about 2-3 sleeping adults! 

  • Roof length of 118″
  • Floor length of 70″
  • Body width of 80″

This model has only 2 floor plans to choose from, and its starting price is $18,995.

  1. Fleet (Flat Bed)

This makes for a fantastic Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma camper because it’s made to fit mid-sized trucks with a 6’5″ flatbed. The Fleet Flat Bed has enough space for 3-4 adults to sleep.

  • Roof length of 140″
  • Floor length of 80″
  • Body width of 76″

The Fleet has just 1 floor plan available, and it starts at $27,395.

  1. Grandby (Flat Bed)

Just like its slide-in counterpart, the Grandby Flat Bed is very large and is mounted to 8′ beds. This monstrous camper will easily accommodate 4 sleeping adults, perfect for a family.

  • Roof length of 160″
  • Floor length of 91″
  • Body width of 81″

This camper also only offers 1 floor plan. Its starting cost is $28,395.

Choose The Best Truck Camper for Your Needs

Alongside the counters and cushions, each of the campers above come with preinstalled sinks, stoves, and fridges. They also include 20-gallon tanks for water!

All the campers listed are excellent options because there is a camper that fits the physical needs of any truck, no matter the size. Whether it is a regular truck bed or a flatbed, there’s a camper for it. Choose the best truck camper for you!

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