Camping is a fun and exciting little vacation away from everything. It can be a cheap, but fun way to get out of the house and do some adventuring, but it isn’t the easiest or faint of heart. Being prepared is your best friend when going camping.

There’s a lot you need to bring and a lot of stuff that can probably be left at home, but what about during an extended trip? The longer the camping trip, the more you want with you to ensure a safe and fun time. Here are some of the must-haves for those long times outdoors.

Extra Food

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Staying fed is a must for a camping trip, but even more so when your trip is long. Extended camping trips require a lot of nutrition to keep you energetic for hikes, fishing, and other activities. Some options include easily packable meal prepped food. The information available at Basic Food Prepper: augason farms emergency food reviews: a post, details emergency meal kits. This food can last you long enough for your outdoor adventure.

Emergency Contact Devices

Your phone is probably pretty good, but it’s not able to work all the time while out camping. If an emergency arises and you need contact or GPS, you might be left without an option. Thankfully, before you head out camping, you already know to be one step ahead of an emergency. Flares, walkie talkies, and satellite beacons are all very useful devices for even the deepest woods. These devices are necessary in case something bad happens while on an extended camping trip.

Personal Protective Gear 

No matter how long your trip, you never know what you might run into. The woods are teeming with wildlife, and for the most part, they are pretty docile and more afraid of you than you are of them. The problem is that there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the woods. Bear mace is cheap and legal mostly anywhere and should be kept on you, hatchets are good for cutting wood and protection, and a personal knife is a good piece of gear that’s multi-purpose. Always having some kind of protection is important, especially when spending a lot of time camping.

Extra Clothing 

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The longer you spend camping, the more you’ll want to have extra clothing. It might seem like it will add to the bulk of what you’ve packed, but in the instance that your clothing gets soaked or dirty, you want to have backups. Extra socks are a must because cold and wet feet can be incredibly uncomfortable and lead to sickness. Extra sweaters and a light coat (depending on the weather) are also needed to always have something to wear while washing or drying what you have on.

Camping is a very fun time, and you can really get a lot of enjoyment out of the wilderness. The thing you need to remember for wilderness is that it can be unforgiving sometimes, and an extended camping trip offers the potential for more to go wrong just because you’re out there more. This means you need to have a good list of things to bring, and that is what this list will help you with.

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