A Cambridge education is designed to help students develop a will informed curiosity, a passion for learning as well as prepare them for life.

Interestingly, the Cambridge system has a flexible curriculum that allows schools to shape it to suit their student’s learning needs. This is part of the reason why the Cambridge system is gaining massive popularity all over the world.

Thanks to Cambridge’s world-class standard, those who obtain any Cambridge qualification are sought after globally by employers of labor making it of great value. 

As a result, many schools all over the world are now beginning to embrace and integrate the Cambridge system into their current educational program. One of the schools that make use of the Cambridge system is the Invictus School Hong Kong.

Here are five (5) reasons why the Cambridge system is popular globally.

  • International Recognition

Qualifications obtained from the Cambridge system are highly valued and globally recognized. A Cambridge qualification is accepted by employers and universities from many countries globally.

As a result, many schools have adopted the Cambridge system thereby increasing its popularity. Most schools recognize that the Cambridge system and assessments equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to flourish both at the higher education level and in life in general.

  • International Curriculum

Another reason why the Cambridge system is popular globally is due to its international curriculum. The Cambridge curriculum has set a standard for education which it’s also globally recognized. The curriculum can also be combined with a national curriculum.

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More so, the Cambridge curriculum is inspiring, flexible, culturally sensitive, and challenging. It helps students to develop a strong passion for learning and an informed curiosity. Also, the Curriculum is designed to develop the necessary skills needed by the students to prepare them for higher education and real-life situations.

Additionally, the Cambridge curriculum is currently being used in over 159 countries and over 10,000 schools making it easy to move from one Cambridge school to the other.

  • Global Community

All schools making use of the Cambridge education system form part of the Cambridge global community. Presently, over one million students are being taught with the Cambridge system globally.

Even more, schools and teachers that make use of the Cambridge system also enjoy various forms of support from Cambridge aimed at ensuring students achieve the best possible outcomes. 

In return, the Cambridge system continues to maintain its standard, popularity, and world-class recognition globally. Also, members of the global community can access resources from each other and their students enjoy a seamless admission process when they want to further their education.

  • Accurate Assessment

A great assessment is a product of a good educational experience. The assessment program under the Cambridge system is designed to be reliable, valid, practicable, and fair. It accurately measures the ability of students hence serves as a form of challenge and motivation to the students.

Schools that make use of the Cambridge system also get to access several assessment materials such as mark schemes, examiner reports, and past questions.

Additionally, the exam officers are provided necessary guides to help them accurately administer the exams. This shows why the Cambridge qualification is highly recognized globally.

  • Teacher Development 

The Cambridge system is designed to provide regular support for teachers who deliver the Cambridge curriculum. A wide range of materials and training is made available to support teachers as they deliver instructions to students.

Cambridge System is Popular Globally

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The teacher development program helps in ensuring that learners are well equipped while also maintaining the standard of the system.


All in all, the Cambridge system is unique, flexible, and fair. It has a flexible curriculum that can be merged alongside with any national curriculum to develop a passion for learning and necessary skills for life in learners.

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