When choosing a PCB manufacturer quality, price, service and delivery time are the most common criteria that make the engineers concerned. Most people, however, should be concerned about the price first. But the question arises, how to find the cheapest one from so many PCB fab houses? The answer is simple: the PCB cost estimator.

When it comes to Ray PCB cost estimator, the most popular price comparison site is “PCB Shopper”. It is recommended by most people. On the site, you can compare 8 PCB Assembly manufacturers and 25 PCB manufacturers at once.

The PCB Shopper is quite simple and easy to use and quick to get an online quote. All you have to do is, enter PCB parameters, delivery time and destination then click “Get Prices”. It will show the prices from various manufacturers including OSHPark, DirtyPCBs, Seeed Studio and other best-known manufacturers in Europe, North America as well as Asia.

From the result, estimated time and price from various PCB Houses can be obtained.

The Disadvantage of PCB Shopper:

It does not have a 100 percent perfect calculating tool. Firstly, only twenty-five PCB manufacturers would be calculated, whereas, there are numerous PCB makers online. Hence, it shows very limited results especially for those who are looking for the PCB fab near them.

Secondly, since all of the manufacturers in PCB shopper are focused on low volume production and PCB prototype, it is good for hobbyists, professional engineers who are working for small companies as well as engineering students. Moreover, the shipping ways displayed in the result are also limited and total days, at times, are misguided.

Apart from that PCB Shopper is quite a good site for price comparison.


Ladyada.net is a Javascript PCB Cost Comparison calculator like PCB Shopper. It is a cost calculator for PCB prototype. It is quite an old project and the website is not being maintained, thus, a lot of information is obsolete, but some people still like it.

To calculate the cost, enter the length, width, size, and quantity of board then click “Calculate Cost”. It will show the PCB cost and shipping from 13 PCB makers.

This calculating tool also calculates Olime, Gold Phoenix and a few other fans, unlike PCB Shopper.

A PCB Cost Calculator is just a tool to help. To find out the real price, the PCB order page must be entered. Seeed Studio Fusion is one of the manufacturers that offer an instant online quote without any hidden charges for both PCB Assembly service and PCB in their order page. Not to mention that most popular PCB houses offer online quote only for PCB. Only a few of them offer an online quote for PCBA. Therefore, to get the cheapest PCB prototype, it could be your first choice to get the services from here www.raypcb.com only for ten board copies.


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