You have worked hard to build that business with your team and planned to integrate e-commerce features to it. And finally, you have created an attractive website and are excited for your potential customers to place orders. The problem is, your online presence isn’t exciting enough given their short attention span. After all, there are plenty of sites similar to yours selling the same products and services as you do. In other words, your business is facing stiff competition from your contenders. So how do you make the shopping experience for your prospects enjoyable? Let us find out. 

Better Your Online Shopping Experience

Make Your Website Loadable

If you consider the situation from the standpoint of a customer, this is an important proposition. Remember those websites that used to take at least 10 minutes to load the front page? Many such websites still exist today which makes people irritated and lose patience. So, if your website is loading slowly, the customers aren’t willing to wait around. They will move quickly to another website. Studies have revealed that more than seventy percent of mobile users now like the convenience of shopping online from their cell phones. It is important that you are prepared to cater to their needs as well, not just desktop users. For this, you will need to make sure that your mobile app or website in mobile mode has all the aspects of establishing customer relationship. 

So, put on your customer cap. How quickly do you want the product or service to appear when the button is clicked? Of course, you want it right away so that you can make the purchase immediately. According to Walmart, every 2 second of decreased load time results in a 2 percent increase in conversion rates for the company. Retailers on the internet have been optimizing their websites so as to obtain maximum performance for customers regardless of their location, network connection, or the type of device they are using. 

Allow Easy Navigation

Again, customers should be able to navigate around the website without much effort. This means limiting non-essential links, buttons, and other components and giving the customers just what they are looking for. A good search engine at the right spot can make this task as easy as possible.Site search is an integral part of any website and also the starting point for people who want to find things like feedback, news, contact information, and much more. Depending on how efficiently and effectively you can make this search component to solve customers’ queries, you just might turn a casual window shopper into a loyal customer within a few minutes. 

Create Visualization

Do not underestimate the power of a high-quality photo to go with the product or service that you are selling because it could be worth a thousand words. If you heard back from a user who was browsing on the internet, it could be because that the photo may have made a huge impact on his buying decision. Online shoppers in particular find images of a product encouraging as well as useful in finding what they are looking for. 

Getting It Conveniently Delivered

Your local post office will provide the platform to have the items delivered quickly and for a better price to your customers. Local post office in Palo Alto, for example, sees thousands of packages delivered every day in bulk from businesses that find it both cost-effective and convenient. Take advantage of your local delivery companies as well. This is a great way to reach your customers and show them that you are committed to providing the service they seek. 

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