There is a range of metrics to consider when you choose your hosting provider. However, the customers are often easily confused by loads of options offered to them. Some of the features can be ignored, while others are of particular importance. It is necessary to pay special importance to some parameters that are vital for the success of your online enterprise. In the event you look for the suitable shared hosting plan, regard all the pros and cons of different web hosting companies, do not neglect the figures provided by HRANK. It can be your reliable helpmate as you make this decision. Probably, its advice will save your company one day. The rating system under consideration determines the best hosting providers by uptime, response time and other features you should pay attention to when you select the web hosting.


It is worth noting that the system monitors over 300 hosting providers, and you can always see the best services within a certain timeframe. Your site should always be online to increase profit and strengthen your brand. It should also download fast but we can’t control it round-the-clock. HRANK metrics check system shoulders this responsibility and provides the information of this kind. The data is constantly changing. Let us look at the list of the best shared web hosting providers within the last 30 days.

Such giant as Yahoo based in the 90-s of the last century takes the top position in the list of the best shared web hosting providers over the last month. Yahoo offers numerous IT services and three shared hosting plans. Yahoo is very convenient for users as it is equipped with a website builder and numerous templates. It is a great e-commerce solution with additional options for domain registration and WordPress tools. But what is more important, the service almost does not have downtime. After monitoring its performance over the last 30 days, HRANK included it to the top list of the most reliable hosting companies.

Though SiteGround can’t boast of 100% uptime as the service mentioned above, it is very close to it. This American web hosting company headquartered in the capital of Bulgaria offers stable uptime, which never goes lower 99%, and stable response time. Other features such as diversity of affordable plans, website builder, website transfer services, WooCommerce, WordPress and others, contribute to its popularity.

MDD hosting headquartered in Indiana is also among the best web hosting providers. The company was founded in 2007. Apart from shared hosting plans, MDD hosting offers VPS servers premium cloud and reseller service. Besides, the customers can register domains, acquire SSL certificates and protect their online activity with malware protection software. Though its 2018 report is not flawless, the performance is rather consistent in 2019.

The uptime check system also included BlueDomino to the list of top web hosting providers. The company headquartered in Massachusetts shows rather stable performance and deserves to be mentioned along with other trustworthy providers. The company was founded in 1996. As years passed by, it turned into a mega company in its sphere. The web marketing solutions and site management tools offered by BlueDomino were highly assessed by the customers. Domain registration and email services are additional options you can find there. Though the service does not take the top position by response time (the results are average), you can always rely upon its customer support service. The live chat works flawlessly and always comes to help when you face technical problems.

ITXDesign is the last company on the list, but the list of features it presents is impressive. You will be surprised with the diversity of hosting plans for e-commerce projects, forums, and non-profit organizations. There is even Christian hosting in the list of services offered by this New York company. ITXDesign entered the top thanks to its ideal uptime parameters.

As you see, not all companies from our list are popular web hosting services. HRANK provides unbiased results based on its check system, while the companies acquire popularity thanks to promotion and numerous marketing campaigns. However, the performance of many popular web hosts leaves much to be desired. If you do not want to lose your customers due to frequent downtime, consider the results of checks conducted by HRANK system. Future of your business and your prosperity depend upon it.

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