Human beings cannot be devoid of problems- that’s human law! As soon as one gets rid of one problem, another one pops up. The cycle is never-ending.

For instance; when you are jobless, the major point of concern is finding a source of income. You find a job; you think it’s the end of all your miseries, but a new problem shows up and cackles at your face. That problem is called ‘Money Management.’

Money Management: A Universal Problem

Money Management is a widespread issue amongst all, especially millennials. Finding a job is less complicated than managing a salary. There are many expenditures and very less time to manage everything. Are you the kind of person whose salary ends in the middle of the month? If yes, then this article is definitely for you!

Why Money Management Apps?

Suppose if you take a resolution to keep a track all your expenses and manage them effectively. You will have to maintain a record of every little thing you pay for. It is difficult to write everything, and if the diary isn’t around, you’ll end up not writing the transaction. At least once a week, you will have to sit down with a pen and paper calculating and analyzing the flow of your finances. Cumbersome, isn’t it?

To get rid of long calculations and focus on things more relevant, that’s why you need the money management apps! There are a huge number of money managing applications been provided to us. They can easily track our daily expenses and investments.

Given below is a list of some fantastic apps that will help in better management of your money.

Personal Capital:

Personal Capital is the perfect guiding light for those who wish to budget efficiently. The cash flow analyzer helps to track the spending habits and change accordingly. Recently, the app launched a useful feature called the education planner. One can compare the costs of different colleges and figure out the amount you need to save to get your college degree.

This app doesn’t just provide with better money controlling features but also provides us with graphs and bars for a better representation of our money quotient.

Price: Free

Available on: Website, iOS, Android App

Credit Karma:

Credit Karma mainly revolves around your credit score. It gives you credit report card based on factors like payment history and debt utilization.

Recently the app acquired Penny, an instant message bot, that helps users track income and expenditure.

Price: Free

Available on: Web, iOS

Clarity Money:

Clarity Money is an app that not only provides suggestions but also believes in taking action. It’s a great money manager that compares your monthly expenditures and gives insights on spending habits. Not only this, but it also transfers money from one account to another and helps you find out the best personal loans and credit cards with lower rates of interest.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Website


Wally is an app that helps to track expenditures and attain one’s saving goals. It is extra safe because it does not have any live bank account details. The app allows users to customize a budget, divide it into categories and fields and gives us feedback in the form of charts.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android App, Website


Mint is the most popular used money tracker application and known for its versatility. It is user-friendly, speedy and reliable. It analyzes spending habits, necessary expenditures, income and suggests accordingly. You can easily create a monthly budget on this app and limit your spending. Recently Coinbase, a Bitcoin wallet app, collaborated with Mint. The purpose was to treat Bitcoin like bank money and consider it as a part of personal finance. It facilitated a new culture of Bitcoin tracking.

Price: Free of cost

Available on: iOs, Android and Web


YNAB stands for ‘You Need a Budget.’ As the name suggests, the app focuses on creating a strict budget for the user. This application uses the traditional way of smarter money management. It keeps a count on every dollar earned by you while extracting all your information from the banks and setting a budget accordingly.

Price: 5$ per month or 50$ per year

Available on: iOs, Android and Web


If you are the kind of person who volunteers to pay the bill every time, but later forgets or feels awkward in asking the money back, then this app is for you. It’s a simple app that allows quick transfer of cash between friends. You can add notes to the payments and keep a record of all the transactions. It is very popular amongst the youth.

Price: Free of cost

Available on: iOs, Android and Web


Acorns is an app specifically for the millennials, the potential investors. It is an automated service tool that rounds up the figure of your purchase to the next highest number and utilizes the change as investments.

Price: $1 per month. Students with a valid id can avail this app for free.

Available on: iOs, Android and Web.

These apps can be the best money managers because they are easy to use and all the time available. You don’t manage a logbook all the time. Nobody these days forgets to carry their cell phones along, so it becomes handy to note down the things instantly.

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