If you are suffering from back, neck, and general body pain, and you have tried several sedatives, techniques, and therapies without success, then you need an Innova inversion table.

While sedatives and medicines provide temporary relief, proper posturing, inversion therapy, and regular exercises are the most effective ways of getting relief from back and neck pain. An Innova inversion table comes with several benefits such as joint realigning and soothing your muscles.

Choosing the best inversion table can be difficult as there are several models available in the market. In this Innova inversion table review, we have selected the top 7 best Innova inversion tables in 2020 to help you make the best buying decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Innova Inversion Table

  • Comfort

For faster and more effective relief from body pain, you will need to make use of the Innova inversion table daily. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the inversion table you are buying is comfortable to use.

The inversion table should have a comfortable to use ankle holding and foam made back support feature.

  • Safety Features

You would not want to use an inversion table that can cause more harm to your body. Hence, you must choose an Innova inversion table that is very safe to use. Although all Innova inversion tables come with safety features, some have more safety features than others, the more the safety features it has, the better. Also, we recommend you always make use of a spotter for additional protection.

  • Heat and Massage

When it comes to relieving back pain, then the heat and massage therapy does wonder. Even though most Innova inversion tables come with heated and massaging backrest or pillows, you should check for this feature.

On the other hand, if you intend to use the inversion table for other reasons apart from back pain, this feature might not be necessary. Even more, some inversion tables come with heat and massage systems that heat and vibrate faster than others.

  • Stability

Due to the nature of exercises done on the inversion table, a good Innova inversion table must be stable. An unstable Innova inversion table is dangerous and likely to flip while you are using it.

Furthermore, if the inversion table is unstable, it will make it nearly impossible to maintain a specific angle during your inversion therapy.

  • Ease of Use

You would not want to buy an inversion table with complicated control features; thus, you should purchase a table with easily accessible features.

The inversion table should also be appropriately labeled and easy to change from one function to another without requiring any technical know-how.

  • Assembling and Storage

One of the significant challenges that come with buying a machine is assembly and storage. Ensure you choose an inversion table that is easy to install without any technical know-how.

Also, since the Innova inversion table comes in different sizes, ensure you buy an inversion table that fits your available space and is easy to store after each use. Additionally, we recommend you go for Innova inversion tables with foldable designs as they space and are usable anywhere in the house.

  • Angle Options

Innova inversion tables come with varying numbers of angles. However, most top rated inversion tables come with six (6) angles, while others come with lesser options. The higher the number of angles, the more effective the inversion table will be.

  • Adjustability

Adjustability is yet another essential factor to consider if you want to buy the best Innova inversion table. A good inversion table should be adjustable to accommodate persons of different height and weight. Ensure the inversion table is capable of accommodating your height and weight before purchasing it. It will prevent the table from getting damaged or causing you harm.

  • Warranty Period

Like other mechanical equipment, regular use of the inversion table will lead to wear and tear. However, if the table comes with an extended warranty, it will suggest that it is durable and was constructed with quality products. Since no company will give a crappy inversion table with a long warranty, you should choose an Innova inversion table with a longer warranty.

  • Weight and Height Limit

All Innova inversion tables come with a weight carrying capacity of between 250 to 350 lbs and a height range of between 4.6 to 6.6 inches. Ensure you go for an inversion table that can accommodate your height and weight for more effectiveness.

  • High-end Features

Different models of Innova inversion tables come with a variety of features. Before buying an inversion table, ensure that it has some modern features like the inversion pin locking system, comfortable bed, high-quality ankle supports, and ankle fasteners, among others.

1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table - Innova

If you are looking for an inversion table ideal for treating neck and back pain, then the Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table is what you need. It features a foldable design that makes it easy to assemble and store.

This inversion table is a durable metal system that features ergonomic handholds, adjustable headrest, and reversible ankle holding blocks. It comes with a large headrest and padded backrest to make you feel comfortable when you invert.

Thanks to its six (6) pin angle feature, you can adjust this inversion table to different positions to cater for people with different heights. The six-pin system also comes with patent protective cover for safer inverting and easy positioning over strap systems.

Furthermore, the Innova inversion table ITX9600 has multiple foot security options and a True Balance System that allows you to find your center of gravity easily. More so, it will enable you to adjust the ankle holding system to suit your needs to up to about 6.6 inches and 300 lbs.

Additionally, this inversion table comes with a lumbar pillow that helps in taking pressure off your lower back. Although this inversion table is difficult to fold, it is very affordable and is easy to assemble, making it a great option to buy.


  •         It is relatively affordable
  •         Comfortable padded bed
  •         It features an excellent six-pin system
  •         Features an adjustable ankle holding system
  •         Adjustable headrest and backrest for extra comfort


  •         It is a bit difficult to fold
  •         The ankle lock system makes use of half foam roller and half cuffs.

2. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

Innova Inversion Table


The Innova inversion table ITM4800 is a sturdy and elegant table that guarantees the correct balance during inversion. It is easy to use and great at relieving many bodily pains. It has a true balance system that helps you find your focal point of gravity.

The ITM4800 offers exceptional heat and a lumbar massage pad that quickly reduces both spinal and aches. It also comes with an adjustable, rectangular pad that applies heat and massages your back. More so, a pillow is attached to the pad and a Polyvinyl back pad, which provides appropriate comfort while using the inversion table.

Additionally, this Innova inversion table features an adjustable headrest, ergonomic ankle-holding system, and leg extension that makes it more relaxing and comfortable when stretching. It also has six inversion options that have an easy-to-operate pin system, making it adjustable to suit different users and purposes.

That said, this Innova table comes with soft foam handlebars that make it easy to pull when taking back the upright position. You will not have to bother about your safety when stretching, as this table has an ergonomic ankle holding system.

Although this inversion table may be bulky, its exceptional features such as manual and automatic working, height adjustment, heat, and lumbar massage make it one of the best Innova inversion tables in the market.


  •         It has heat and lumbar massage pad
  •         Ergonomic ankle locks for safety
  •         It can be operated both manually and automatically
  •         Six adjustable pins feature
  •         Suitable for beginners


  •         It is bulky and hard to store
  •         Requires frequent maintenance

3. Innova ITM5900 Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

Innova Inversion Table

If you are looking for an inversion table that combines the soothing effect of heat and massage, and an inversion table, then you should consider Innova ITM5900. It comes with a robust frame, adjustable headrest, and a well-padded surface that helps relieve both neck and back pains.

This inversion table comes with a large surface that can accommodate different body sizes. It also has soft foam handlebars that make it easy to maneuver during inverting. This table features a cutting-edge heat and lumbar massage pad that can be operated in both automatic and manual settings.

That said, it is also equipped with a six angle pinhole system with protective cover for a more effective and safe inversion. Thanks to its locking mechanism, you are guaranteed to enjoy a more relaxed and secured inversion.

There is also an adjustable height feature that makes it possible for the inversion table to accommodate people of different body sizes and weight. It is ideal for providing therapeutic massages and has a heated lumbar pillow and spinal massage feature attached to the back support.


  •         Effective heating massage property
  •         It is manually and automatically operated
  •         Heat and lumbar massage pad
  •         Adjustable headrest
  •         It has soft foam handlebars


  •         Noisy vibrations

4. Innova ITX9900 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table - InnovaWhen it comes to getting relief from pains around your lumbar regions, the Innova ITX9900 comes to mind. This inversion table is manufactured using heavy steel outlines that make it durable and firm for steady inversion therapy.

The ITX9900 features a comfortable and large backrest that is equipped with an adjustable headrest. It also comes with an ergonomic ankle holding system fitted with a smaller rear holder and a big front holder to relieve the pressure on your ankles while inverting.

Furthermore, it has a true balance system with two adjustable features that help each user make the most comfortable and smoothest inversion. Even more, the true balance system allows you to adjust the height and headrest pad to control the center of gravity.

That said, this heavy-duty deluxe table features lumbar air support that allows you to regulate the extent of help you need for your back. Like other inversion tables on our list, this table also comes with a six (6) position angle with extra protective cover for safer inverting and stress-free positioning over the strap system.

It is also worth mentioning that it has an adjustable height tube that makes it easy for users to adjust the bed to various lengths. The inversion table comes with the capacity to accommodate body weights of up to about 300 lbs.


  •         Large backrest with an adjustable headrest for extra comfort
  •         The ergonomic ankle holding system
  •         Sturdy and rigid construction
  •         It is relatively affordable


  •         It can be a bit discomforting around the feet

5. Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table 

Best Inversion Table - Innova

The Innova ITX9700 Inversion table is one that stands out when it comes to performance. It has a sturdy design, easy to assemble, and excellent at relieving spinal positioning and alignment issues.

This inversion table comes with a non-slip and full-length contoured handles that provide comfort and safety to users while inverting. The contoured handles help users to return upward after their inversion session quickly.

It comes with a four (4) adjustable pin system that lets you lock the inversion table into four positions. Even more, the pin helps to restrict inversion angles hence making the table suitable for other members of your family.

This Innova inversion table is equipped with ankle locks that are molded with comfortable cushions and ergonomic to keep your ankles securely in place without causing discomfort. There is also a protective cover for safer and comfortable positioning during inverting over straps.

Additionally, it has an adjustable height feature that allows a height of up to 6 feet and can accommodate up to 300 lbs.


  •         It is easy to use
  •         Features ergonomic ankle locking system
  •         Adjustable headrest to accommodate different body sizes
  •         It can be dismantled easily to save storage space


  •         Reassembling the table is time-consuming
  •         It is a bit heavy

6. Innova ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table

Innova Inversion Table

If you are looking for an inversion table with several excellent features at an affordable rate, then the Innova ITX9800 is what you need. It has a true balance system that helps users to locate their focal point of gravity quickly.

This Innova inversion table comes with a comfortable ankle holding feature with both rear and front U-shaped holders for a relaxed and secure inversion. Even more, it has six (6) position adjustable pins with additional patent pending protective cover for a stress-free positioning and safe inverting.

Furthermore, patented straps provide added comfort for your ankles, feet, and legs. It also has an adjustable headrest pad for comfort while inverting. The headrest pad is also equipped with a big and comfortable padded backrest.

Also, it can accommodate users of up to 300 lbs in weight and 6ft 6 inches in height.


  •         It has a comfortable ankle holding feature
  •         Features a true balance feature
  •         It comes with patented straps that provide added comfort
  •         Affordable


  •         Does not come with lumbar cold and hot compress pads
  •         It is a bit bulky

7. Innova ITP1000 12-in-1 Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table - Innova

The Innova ITP1000 is a sturdy and versatile inversion table that provides you with up to twelve workout options. It is quite cheap, safe to use, and allows you to select up to eleven different exercises, including inversion, pull-ups, and leg lifts.

This Innova inversion table comes with a 2-way adjustment feature that makes it possible to adjust the headrest and height. As a result, it makes it easy for you to find your center of gravity.

There is also a true balance system and comfortable ankle system that makes inversion easier. It features a protective cover and a six angle pin feature for stress-free positioning and safer inverting. Even more, it can accommodate users of up to 250 lbs and 6ft- in height.


  •         Provides eleven exercise positions
  •         Six adjustable angle positions
  •         It comes with a two-way adjustment system
  •         The comfortable ankle holding system


  •         Does not come with lumbar cold and hot compress pads

– Benefits of an Inversion Table

  •         Inversion tables help to relieve neck, back, and general body pains right from its source. It does this by decompressing the spinal disc, which leads to disc renewal and rejuvenation.
  •         Inversion tables help to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints—increased flexibility results in having active muscles, less joint stress, and better posture.
  •         Inversion tables help in realigning the body’s spines after various activities. If you misalign your spine due to a prolonged stay in a wrong posture, an inversion table will help fix it.
  •         Inversion tables help in relaxing tense muscles. After engaging in an intense workout or physical activity, stretching on the table will help ease the accumulated tension in your body’s tissues.

– Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an inversion table?

An inversion table is an equipment that allows you to flip to a negative angle when you lay on it. It helps to relieve users from back pain and increase blood flow to the brain and overall body. Inversion tables come in different sizes, models, and features.

If you want to know how to use the table, simply refer to the Innova inversion table manual. There you will also find Innova inversion table weight limit.

  • Are Innova inversion tables dangerous?

Generally, Innova inversion tables come with several safety features to make them safe for use and protect users. However, if the safety rules and features are not adequately adhered to, they can be dangerous. You should always have a spotter when using an inversion table.

That said, people with some health conditions such as high blood pressure, are not encouraged to use the inversion table. Before using an inversion table, ensure you see a doctor ascertain the state of your health.

  • How long should you stay upside down on an inversion table?

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with just a minute or two. You can then increase the duration gradually, depending on how comfortable you get. Ensure you stop when you begin to feel dizzy. You can also refer to the manual for further Innova inversion table instructions.

  • How often should you use an inversion table?

It is relatively difficult to give a specific frequency that you should use an inversion table. Some people make use of the inversion table every day until they stop feeling pains. However, it is best to use the table multiple times for faster and more effective results. You can also increase your angle weekly by about 10 degrees until you reach a very comfortable angle. Feel free to experiment using the inversion table to find out what works best for you.

  • Are inversion tables great for relieving lower back pain?

Yes. Inversion tables relieve lower back pain by increasing blood circulation and taking pressure off your spine. However, it is worth mentioning that inversion therapy is a short term solution as it does not treat back health conditions. Pending when you get a permanent solution, an inversion table can help improve your overall health.

  • What are the benefits of an inversion table?

Inversion tables have several benefits. Some of the benefits include relieving pain and back pain, increasing blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles, realigning the spine, and providing better flexibility. You will also find other inversion table benefits in the manufacturers manual.

  • Who should not use an inversion table?

Although an inversion table has several benefits to the body, there is an exception to those who can use it. Those with specific health conditions such as retinal detachment conditions, eye-related issues, and hypertension are at high risk of getting injured. Other exceptions include pregnant women, children, and those with fractures.

  • Does an inversion table relieve sciatica?

An inversion table therapy is a non-surgical cure for sciatica. It uses gravity to lengthen the spine hence relaxing the compression of the sciatic nerve. This action helps to relieve lower back pain and solve the sciatica issue.


Overall, if you are searching for a way to relieve back, neck, and general body pains, then you need an Innova inversion table. Innova inversion tables are available in different models and with various features. Hence we have presented you with the top 7 best Innova inversion tables review 2020 to help you make an easier buying decision.

Remember to choose the one that suits your preference and meets your needs. Also, start the inverting therapy gradually and then slowly increase the duration of inversions and incline angle.

5 Benefits of Inversion Table (INFOGRAPHIC)

5 Benefits of Inversion Table

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