The 8 Best Infant Toys to Buy in 2019

If you are about to welcome a baby or already have one in your family, you might need to find toys for him/her. Almost every store sells toys for infants. But, you need something safe and playful.

If you have a six months old or even older baby, he or she is likely to attract to different things. Not only babies at this age start to recognize their parents with ease but they try to feel or touch things in their surrounding as well.

As soon as they start to crawl, they are sure to get into different objects too. At this level, when controlling babies seem troubling, you can find many useful toys or items at Adertek Lifestyle to engage your little bundle of joy.

On the other hand, toys are necessary if you are parent or parent to be, if you are looking forward to purchasing some interesting toys, we have compiled a list that may help you.

  1. Laugh & Learn Kick‘n Play Piano



This fun piano plays different sounds and tunes to keep your baby engaged and entertained. It comes with soft ties on each side so you can attach it to your baby’s crib. Moreover, this is a cause and effect toy that increases coordination.

It only requires your baby to kick the toy with his little legs and it activates the music. Kick‘n Play features three musical tunes. So, your baby can hear playful tunes for longer or shorter time period. Plus, each key on the keyboard plays music too.

  1.     Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat

Bathing can be challenging, especially if your little has crossed nine months. In this case, you can keep them engaged in a bathtub with the help of a little boat. You can purchase two or more to make bathing easy and fun.

If you are wondering that such toys might get moldy and gross, munchkin bath toy is easy to clean as they do not have to reach crevices or holes.

  1.     Soft Block Toys

For babies, this pack of four block collection is ideal. This collection comes with different activity and realistic images.

This fun block collection is made of soft material so that little hands of your toddler can grip it. These blocks are great for tumbling, playing peek-a-boo, stacking, or even learning new words.

  1.     VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

If you do not own a puppy, you can consider battery powered puppy for your baby. This Vtech pulls and sing puppy is as cute as a real pooch. It comes with an attached leash and starts to sing as soon as your baby pulls it.

Take note this puppy sings color names, numbers, or even body parts. Not only this, but it also sings around sixty different melodies, phrases, and songs. With this, you are sure to keep your little one entertained while you are doing chores around the house.

  1.    Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

It does not only keep your baby engaged but it is easy to carry even when you are traveling. Simply throw it in a bag along with other stuff of your baby and you are good to go. You only need to place your wonder wheel on a stiff surface.

And, see your baby mesmerized by this interesting wheel. It has colorful beads in its crystal frame so it is likely to connect your little bundle of joy to sound to sight. Once you expose it in front of your baby he or she might try to grab or touch it which is a fun way to promote some hand or leg movement.

  1.    VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

The front part of this learning walker comes out and lets your baby play with musical parts or buttons. It has a facility to open so when your baby learns to walk, he can walk around with his learning walker, play music, and have fun.

  1.    First 100 Words – Book

This book can come in handy just when your little one starts to speak. It features bright pictures of different items that promote learning in a way fun.

  1.    Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Teether Toy

The soft tubes of this teether toy are BPA safe and great for teething babies. These soft tubes are designed to promote two-handed play and clutching. Plus, its middle cube provides soothing rattle sound that appeals to babies.

Final Verdict

If you trouble to find worthy toys for babies, you can consider the aforementioned options.

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