People use mobile apps to engage with a variety of businesses. You can assume that they will also search for hotels and compare room prices by the same means. Interestingly, more than 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded across the globe in 2019. Generally speaking, this means there are around 63 mobile apps on every smartphone. So, as you can see, there is lots of competition.

Within this article, we’ll look at how hotels can build the best app to engage travelers. Thanks to, it is easier than ever to build a hotel app, but there are certain things you should consider to ensure it is successful.

Bring the Front Desk to Your Prospective Guests

Did you know that 70% of travelers book their hotel through mobile apps? If travelers are booking through your mobile app, you will do well to provide all your front desk features in one convenient, digital place. In addition, we would recommend providing guests with an option to check in and check out.

You can also use an in-app front desk to showcase all your hotel services and deals, encouraging users to book at your restaurant, spa, etc. Not only does this potentially increase the amount of money your guest will spend, but you also make their overall experience much more convenient.

Give Guests the Chance to Use the App in Their Own Language

If you build a travel app for a hotel popular with foreign travelers, you should make sure they can navigate the app in their own language.

Many mobile apps will translate messages between two users. For example, if a guest sends a message in French, the hotel will receive their communication in English. When the hotel replies, it will be translated back to the guest’s native tongue. This is the best way to ensure any special requests are met without any complications.

Your Hotel App Should Act as a Guide to the Local Area

If travelers are new to the area, they will probably need some help getting around. Again, you can offer this help via your app. Also, consider adding features that keep your guests notified about any local attractions, shows, restaurants, etc.

In addition, you can integrate things such as local transport help and even provide a city map to help your guests find their way from A to B.

hotel app interface

Consider Introducing a Loyalty Offer on Your Hotel App

If you introduce a reward system on your hotel app, you will find customer retention increases exponentially. For example, travels could earn points for using hotel services, eating in your restaurant, using the laundry service, etc. Eventually, they should be able to redeem the points in the form of discounts and offers.

Your hotel app should let guests view these offers and keep an eye on their points. This type of system encourages guests to return to your hotel at a later date to take advantage of all those deals and goodies.

Some hotels are already using rewards systems to great effect. For example, Marriott hotels let guests earn points when they book a room. They can use those points in any Marriott property across the globe.

Final Say

As you can see, there are numerous ways to increase customer engagement on your hotel app. However, the first thing you need to do is create a streamlined app that runs without a hitch. That’s where comes in. Our comprehensive algorithms let you build a travel app from the ground up, precisely to your specifications. If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to help.

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