Billions of people play mobile games for a variety of reasons, among them, passing time and relaxation. If you are one who loves to spend your free time playing games, you can always get the best gaming tablet to indulge in this fun activity. If you do not have the tablet yet, there is no need to miss out on all the fun.

You can always download games to your phone to have a good time. There is no doubt that there seems to be an endless list of options if you want to install games in your new Android phone or iPhone. To make your work a lot easier, here is a list of the best games to install in your new mobile device.

Alto’s Adventure

Are you a skating fan? Alto’s adventure is the first game you should download. This is a mobile runner style game that lets you jump on a sweet board rather than use your legs. The game comes with plenty of mechanical flourishes, beautiful soundtracks, and visuals that will catch for your attention for long. It presents challenges that are fairly difficult giving you specific goals you need to achieve as you try and beat the high-score. 



Want to try out classic brick breaking game with fresh ideas and an addictive progression system? Hoedown is your game. It gives you the opportunity to launch balls into a tunnel in a bid to take away any obstacles that come between you and the core of the planet. As you upgrade through the levels of the games, you will be able to blast up to 99 balls at once filling each block with cavern with wild projectiles. 


Animal Crossing

Dive back into nature with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Your main responsibility here is to act as a campsite manager tending to the site while spending time with animals you love. You are in charge; thus, you can decorate the campgrounds as you wish. As you explore various recreational sports, you will come across some animals that may need your assistance. Helping them out earns your craft materials and Bells. You can use this craft materials to make all types of amenities and furniture for the campsite.


Reigns: Her Majesty

Her Majesty will make you queen of a fantasy kingdom. With your new found power you will have to make decisions that can lead to your fast demise. The game presents multiple situations that face the Queen and you will have to make a call by swiping right or left just as you do on Tinder. You will soon discover that being the Queen is not an easy task amid pervasive sexism and numerous threats.



This is a curious boy who goes down a well with only his gumboots for protection in search of untold treasures. Going further down the well means you get to come across many enemies, nasty creatures, and secrets. The action-packed game delivers responsive and simple controls allowing you to have a blast with only 3 buttons.

Clash Royale

This is one of the most enticing competitive games you can install on your phone. The game presents its skirmishes in a sweet, short, fun, and strategic manner. Your task will be to build the best 8-card deck that you can pull out of a pile of golems, witches, goblins, and firewalls. You only get 3 minutes to attempt to topple your opponent’s base before they topple your own.


Candy Crush Saga

Records show that millions of people have this game on their phones which goes to show that you will love it. The puzzle game presents a huge number of levels to transverse through. Plan your moves so that you can match three or more candies in a row. Make use of boosters in a smart manner to pass the extra sticky levels. Collect ingredients by smashing chocolate as you overcome levels to see what is in store.

Today mobile games are widely diverse some more ambitious and dramatic. The best thing about this is you have an option of choosing the action that speaks to your heart. Try the games on the list above, and you will probably not want to put your phone down.

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