Are you ready to get back to nature? Then Las Vegas could be the perfect destination for you. The warm weather, stunning scenery, and prime geographic location of Sin City serve to make it a premium destination for lovers of the great outdoors. If you’re searching for something different this year, it’s a good choice to explore the unique atmosphere of Las Vegas and all the fun activities available there. 

Clear Skies Mean Air-Based Activities Abound

las vegas destination

On average, Las Vegas receives around 5 inches of rain per year. Considering that the national average is 38 inches, Vegas is much drier than other parts of the country. However, staunch outdoorsmen (and women) will be absolutely thrilled by the clear skies to be found here and the wealth of opportunities this arid climate opens up to them. What exactly can adventurers expect to do?

You can take a comfortable yet thrilling hot air balloon ride over the city, meandering through the skies as you watch the hustle and bustle below you and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from high above. Or, choose to climb on board a helicopter to take a tour closer to the action, pointing out people and landmarks as you buzz through the clouds. 

If you’re searching for a good time nearer to earth, Freemont Street is always a popular destination for tourists. When the days are sunny and the air is clear, you can actually soar above it on the great SlotZilla Zoomline. This 11-storey high tower of fun takes you through 5 blocks of sightseeing as you rest comfortably above, and you’re sure to appreciate the climate as you bask in the sunshine. 

Warm Weather Goes Great with Vegas-Style Fun

Even in the winter, the weather in Las Vegas stays way above the national average. This means you can enjoy the city all year long, walking down the infamous Las Vegas Strip and enjoying interesting views, street performances and art exhibitions under the warm sun, no matter the season. You can even pop into a few casinos while you’re at it.

After all, you are in Vegas, and just because you’re an outdoor enthusiast doesn’t mean you have to skip out on traditional Vegas activities like gaming and sports betting. In fact, it’s possible to spend an afternoon outside and get in some wagering whilst you’re at it. Interested parties can place bets at a variety of Vegas hotels and online sportsbooks quickly and easily, then get right back out there to enjoy the Silver State sunshine.

Nearby Desert Means Ample Afternoon Trips 

One of the best things about Vegas is its proximity to so many great adventures. Here you can take your pick of cool recreation spots to visit, from snowy mountaintops to vast plains and sand-filled deserts just a short distance away from the metropolitan area. 

las vegas destination

Hikers can challenge themselves with an abundance of wild peaks and snaking trails that stretch out across the plains here. You’ll spot gorgeous plants like Joshua trees and sagebrush, and marvel at a myriad of fascinating animals as you travel.

Campers can also take advantage of these wide-open spaces to make their beds along thousands of miles of wilderness. Remember that if you’re heading out into Nevada’s collection of deserts, it pays to take along the best tent for your activity, so do a bit of research ahead of time. The desert can get cold at night, and you don’t want to be shivering against the ground when it comes time to lay down your head. 

Ready to discover Las Vegas? We can’t blame you. This thriving Nevada city and the scenery which surrounds it are perfect for lovers of the great outdoors. If you’re itching to dive in and take advantage of everything Vegas has to offer, pack your bags and get started today!

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