If you have carpeted stairs in your home, you know how quickly they can get dirty. Just like the carpet leading from the front door to your living room or in other areas where foot traffic is high, dirt and grime build up. Pretty soon, your newly carpeted stairs are looking dingy and dirty even when you’ve just vacuumed them. In fact, high traffic areas of carpet will often build up grime and dirt more quickly than other areas. 

In many cases, dirt and grime build up faster on your carpeted stairs because they are more difficult to vacuum regularly and thus are often skipped when you do your regular cleaning. The extra effort or equipment it takes to properly vacuum carpeted stairs means they tend to get cleaned less frequently. You may tend to put off cleaning your stairs every time you vacuum because of the extra time and effort it takes. This means dirt and grime can be ground into the carpet fibers over time which contributes to the breakdown of carpet fibers. 

When carpet fibers begin to break down, it can mean you have to replace your carpet. But instead of replacing your carpet which can cost you a lot of money, you can take action to revitalize your carpet or even stop it from happening in the first place. This article will detail the best ways to clean carpet on stairs so you can keep them looking as clean as the rest of your carpet.

Clean from the Top Down

Although you may be tempted to clean your stairs from the bottom up, cleaning that way can mean that dirt and grime brushed loose from one step will fall and settle on the stairs you’ve already cleaned below. So, a better way to clean carpet on stairs is to start with the top step, clean that and then move down. This ensures that the higher steps stay clean and allows you to clean any dirt that falls as you do the lower stairs. Additionally, if you are unsure about the whole process, it is recommended to consult with professionals like Boston maid service who can clean your stairs perfectly.

Give Your Stairs a Good Brushing

One of the best ways to clean carpet on stairs is to use a good stiff bristled brush on them regularly to help remove any built-up dirt and grime that has accumulated on your stairs. Children and teens often run up or down the stairs when they are in a hurry or sometimes just because it’s fun. But this habit tends to grind dirt and debris down into the fibers of the carpet. Taking a good stiff bristled brush to your carpeted stairs prior on a regular basis can help loosen that ground in dirt and grime and bring it to the surface where it can more easily be removed.

Vacuum Carpeted Stairs Frequently

Another of the best ways to clean carpet on stairs is to vacuum carpeted stairs frequently. If you resist the urge to skip the stairs when you do your regular vacuuming for the rest of the house, you will remove new dirt and debris before it can be ground down into the carpet fibers. The more frequently you vacuum your stairs, the less dirt and grime build up you will have. This means your stairs will stay cleaner.

The Right Tool for the Job

If you find yourself wanting to skip vacuuming of your stairs when you clean your house, it’s probably because you don’t have the right tools. Instead of trying to vacuum stairs with your heavy and bulky upright vacuum, use long attachments or better yet, find a lightweight stick vacuum that you can move easily up and down the stairs. 

Having the right tools for the job will make it easier to vacuum your stairs which means you will do it more frequently. So, check laminate floor vacuum reviews here and clean your stairs really simple. Make sure the floor vacuum you choose has powerful suction to pull dirt and grime from the deepest layers of your carpet. Vacuuming stairs more frequently as we mentioned above is one way to keep your carpeted stairs cleaner.

Shampoo Stairs More Frequently

Another of the best ways to clean carpet on stairs is to shampoo them more frequently. If you currently only shampoo your carpeted stairs once or twice a year, you are allowing the dirt and grime to be ground into the carpet fibers day after day. Shampoo your carpeted stairs frequently, as much as once per month. 

If scrubbing by hand with a stiff brush, use a spray on carpet shampoo and let it sit long enough to pull dirt and grime from the fibers. When using an electric or handheld rug scrubber, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the recommended type of shampoo. Stop dirt and grime in its tracks and keep your stairs looking fresh and clean.

Dry Stairs Thoroughly and Vacuum Again

One of the critical ways to clean carpet on stairs is to make sure that your stairs are dried completely and quickly. Damp stairs will attract more dirt and grime and if damp for too long, they can even encourage the growth of mold and bacteria on carpet fibers. 

So, when you are finished shampooing your carpeted stairs, make sure to remove as much excess water as possible and dry your stairs thoroughly. To remove excess water and encourage carpeted stairs to dry quickly, you can use towels to absorb moisture, a wet/dry vacuum, a rug scrubber, or even a fan. Once you are sure the carpet on the stairs is thoroughly dry, vacuum once more to remove any lingering dust or dirt.

What are the best ways to clean carpet on stairs that you’ve discovered? What tools and equipment do you keep on hand to make cleaning your carpeted stairs easier? We’d love to hear your ideas and experiences in the comments below.

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