What is b2b portal? B2B (“business to business”) – a site that provides for the interaction of two companies.

B2b customer portal best practices are usually more complex than B2C sites (for end consumers). They require a careful approach, better interface design, usability, as they are used for complex tasks.

Expanding audience reach

With the help of b2b portal development services, you can get new business opportunities covering the whole world.

Saving the cost of communication with potential customers who are in another country.

Close cooperation with partners (logistics, technology, investments, information).

Confidentiality and information protection, as it can be seen in b2b customer portal examples.

Taking into account the above listed advantages, such a site will provide an increase in the efficiency of commercial activities, the stability of partnership, optimization of its own costs, and as a result – an increase in cash turnover and profits.

Who is the B2B site auditory

Companies that manufacture and assemble industrial machines or equipment.

Such products on best b2b customer portals are made not for the end consumer, but for companies that need special equipment to carry out their activities.

Advertising agencies.

Large advertising companies are usually approached by other business companies.

Companies that provide consulting services (economic, legal, financial).

Consulting companies usually provide their services to other firms.

There are many such examples. Thus, a part of the B2B market includes all firms that do not interact with the end consumer, but produce products or offer services to other firms.

The type of site for the B2B segment can be different:

  • Landing page;
  • Online store (B2B ecommerce);
  • Corporate website;
  • Service;
  • Portal.

Features of the development of B2B portals

Companies that operate in the B2B segment have a different scenario for the implementation and development of their business. Therefore, the principle, strategy and structure of the development of such resources differ from B2C sites (for end users). First of all, this concerns the interface, usability, content, functionality, page loading speed.

B2B firms aim for long-term and stable partnerships. The site should fully reflect this goal. Although the client of a B2B company is a firm, the final decision is still made by a person. Professionals know how to make b2b portal up to the expectations of the clients.

Therefore, for him, the site should be convenient, reliable, highlight all the advantages of the site owner and the benefits of cooperation with him. Thus, the development of B2B portals is impossible without a thorough marketing analysis, taking into account all the nuances and forming a strategy that can attract the client firm as much as possible.

Tasks of creating websites for B2B

Of course, B2B sites can face different tasks, but basically it is working on the image and brand recognition, reducing the cost of servicing partners and expanding the geography of customer coverage.

Before ordering the creation of a B2B site, you need to compare the ratio of the costs of developing and maintaining a resource with the income that it will bring.

So, the benefits of B2B sites can hardly be overestimated. Today they are the most effective platforms for the development of Internet business and expanding the geography of activities.

But it should be understood that even a minor mistake in the development of a B2B site can lead to large financial losses. The development of projects of such complexity should be trusted only by professionals! They know what are customer portals and how to make them properly.


The portal carries out wholesales, registration and preprocessing of orders, exchange of documents and reference information. The supplier can reduce the time for interaction with the buyer, relieve the sales and support departments. The customer can find the desired product and all information about it in an interactive catalog with filters and sorting, instantly receive inquiries without the need to call the supplier.

In turn, the creation of a b2b portal will help you very quickly find your own audience of regular customers and, thus, get a reliable source of permanent income. Giraffe manual software testing company is ready  to carry out task of any level of difficulty.

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