Beginners Guide To Music Production

How to create a piece of music or how to write a music hit on a computer? This question asks many people. Today with the help of modern midi controllers everyone can write their own music from scratch – and this can be done at a solid professional level. But choosing the best 25-key midi controller is not easy, because each device has an advantageous combination of design and practical functions.

Each determines the melody based on their views on music in general. Someone understands any monophonic line as a melody, someone means something bright, memorable by melody, and someone just a vocal line.

Any well-written melody contains many interrelated elements, each of which determines the level of its emotionality and simplicity or complexity. To create light images there is no need to use complex elements, just as when writing a symphony it is absurd to use simple melodies.

Choosing a good musical instrument

When buying equipment remember that good sound can be achieved only with good sound cards and monitors (they can be replaced by headphones). Without them, you probably can not get high-quality sound. Of course, there are exceptions and there are masters of their craft who can even create a beautiful sound reproduced by the speakers of a music center using a regular laptop with a card, but this is an exception to the rule rather than a tendency.

When choosing a musical instrument, you should, first of all, think about what you will record and make a start from this decision. Think how much audio and video outputs and inputs you will need. If you work for the future, you can buy equipment with a large number of nests.

Now let’s look at the devices that play the sound. Their choice is also very rich, but do not buy too cheap goods. A lower budget class like Behringer can hardly justify itself. When purchasing such devices, do not expect high-quality sound from them.

The purchase of all other devices is better to postpone until later, since you simply may not need them. For example, a MIDI controller is needed only for live performances and if you do not plan them in the near future, then you should not spend money, after which it will gather dust in the corner.

What’s next?

You have acquired all the necessary equipment, have mastered all the necessary skills to handle it. Ahead of the most important thing: start working. How to do it, where to start? Create your own account on well-known services for musicians, learn the basics of mastering (do not neglect this step, for a beginner it may be useful).

Well, then – take an example from your idol and go for it. Speak live, do common projects with colleagues, create, be original and unique. And in any case, don’t pay attention to criticism in relation to you. Go ahead with your head held high and you will succeed!

At the beginning of a career, you need to be a comprehensive performer, able to please any whims of potential fans. Do not be afraid to try yourself in different genres, the public loves it. Therefore, when choosing a style, be guided by the one that is most popular today and success will come to you.

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