Imagine this: It’s the end of the month, you have almost run out of the petty cash that you had saved, and you have just enough to last you a few days. Moreover, you feel like you have almost made it. But have you? Did you remember the wedding you’re supposed to attend next weekend just before your payday? And unfortunately, you have forgotten to get the gift your partner has been bugging you about. So it seems like you’re in a fix. We all want ready-made solutions to our problems, but we’re not willing to make an effort to get it. Despair not, my friend! This time, you’re in luck. Due to the prevailing financial industry and how the world is progressing, you can now get fast cash loans in Canada at the snap of your fingers. Does that seem intriguing or is it too good to be true? Well, keep reading and decide for yourself.

Captain Cash helps you borrow money instantly with fast approval and zero credit checks along with a completely paperless process. Normally, the loan request is processed within the same day provided they are applied for during business hours. If not, they are processed by the next business day. Unlike traditional banks where you have to go to the bank location within business hours to borrow money, we provide the convenience of applying online anytime, well past business hours as well. The security of the information provided online is assured by the usage of the same 128-bit encryption as used by banks, thus providing the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to submit documents for loan approval. We also ensure that your username and passwords are never displayed, viewed or stored, thus giving utmost importance to your privacy and security. Instant verification via an electronic and secure copy of the latest 3 months’ bank statements helps in making an accurate decision without any time-consuming credit checks. This process negates the necessity of faxing documents or calling the bank and provides speed and security along with privacy and convenience.

This hassle-free online loan offers you a flexible payment schedule which can vary from 3 months to 12 months. With our prime focus of catering to our customer’s needs, we tend to adapt our repayment schedule to your ease of payment frequency. Hence, you can pay the loaned amount in 3, 6 or 12 installments without harming your credit rating. The payment frequency can vary from weekly to twice a month to a monthly basis. But even if repayment becomes difficult, you can always avail “Renew Your Loan” and make your payment more feasible. At a yearly rate of 28% -32%, we offer a competitive rate to our customers by working with trusted and reliable lending companies. We even offer the flexibility of delayed payment, all at a minimal fee of $25.

Who is eligible for this loan?

  • Canadian citizens
  • Anyone older than 18 years
  • Anyone earning more than $1200 and is paid by their employers in cheque or by direct deposit into their account.
  • A person with a stable job (at least 3 months)
  • Anyone having a Canadian bank account which has been active for the last 3 months and in which the salary is paid by direct deposit.
  • A person not on the brink of declaring bankruptcy.

Although we are flexible, we refuse to accept the following as a valid source of income:

  • Self-employment or private pension or insurance income.
  • Social assistance or disability income.
  • Student loan or child tax.


Provided all the information and documents are correctly submitted, and there are no insufficient funds or similar charges in the provided bank account, the loan would be approved immediately, and the amount would be transferred to your account on the same working day.

If you feel like you’re being pulled down by the weight of any of the following:

  • Need that extra monetary boost to float you to the next payday? Now you have fast and efficient access to easy and quick cash.
  • Require help with past credit holdups? With Captain Cash, you can borrow money even if you had credit problems in the past.
  • Do you want to create a strong credit history? Borrowers are encouraged to use credit wisely and strengthen their credit rating.
  • Are you burdened by unexpected and unforeseen expectations? Financial emergencies can arise at any time, completely unannounced and our team is here to help you through it.
  • Need short-term financing to untangle the cash-flow crunch? You can do this without jeopardizing your credit rating.

Look no further and wait no more. Call 1-888-226-1026 or log in to and “CLAIM YOUR CASH NOW.”

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