Welcome again here on thechosen10, where after sharing some of the best z170 motherboards, today we are here with the one more review of Asus ROG Maximus IX Code.

Here in this article, we are sharing the perfect detailed review of Asus ROG Maximus IX Code.

Asus ROG Maximus IX Code Best Gaming Motherboard

So, the latest offering from Intel was launched after a long hiatus since the 100 series motherboard hit the market.

While the latter belonged to the 6th generation technology, the Maximum IX code belongs to the 200 series designed to support the 7th generation processor.

It incorporates new feature and updates combined into Intel Optane support to deliver goods to the customers.

After the entry of the ROG in the market, the motherboard appears attractive as they are inundated with numerous features that are as follows:

Express chipset:

The processor incorporates two chipsets namely Z270 and H270 as Intel is bound to provide support to both the Kalby Lake and sky lake processors of 100 and 200 series products.

One of the most important benefits of using the IX code is that the modern chipsets can be used interchangeably on the 100 and 200 motherboards. While Z270 component is oriented for the personal usage, H270 is strictly for business enterprises.

What is under the hood?

One placing the order, you will get a standard cardboard package with the back side containing information about the different features such as the AURA lightning system, New Supreme FX codec, USB 3.1 front panel connector and the Wi-Fi adapter.

 Best Gaming Motherboard

Design elements:

The motherboard is draped in black and silver color and comes in the standardized ATX form factor. The product is equipped with the LGA1151 socket that can support Intel processors.

It can work in a seamless manner with both 6th and 7th generation machines. Socket comes with a removable cover so that you can take it out during the installation process.

One of the most important features of the motherboard is the presence of the DDR4 DIMM slots designed to provide at least 64GB dual channel memory.

Slots located on the motherboard are able to easily support the XMP profiles operating at a frequency of more than 4000 Hz. Since they are labeled, it is quite easy to install DIMM in the desired orientation.

Amazing Power source:

ROG incorporates digital power design with 2 phase power for the DRAM. It also deploys 10K black metallic solid-state capacitors to store the electrical charge.

The motherboard also comes with a Micro Fine alloy, a power block MOSFET, and a power control utility. They play an important role in tuning and configuration of the systems.

Best Gaming Motherboard 2018

Unique Selling point:

The unique selling point of the system is the presence of metallic heat sinks designed to cool off the VRM without any hassles.

Due to the running of resource-intensive applications, the motherboard might overclock but the stability of electrical circuitry has remained undisturbed.

Safety and security:

Asus deploys highly secured features to make the product more durable. It is covered with armor designed to protect the PCB and also make it aesthetically more appealing.

The cover instrumental in prevent component damages especially when new hardware is installed.


In terms of performance, the motherboard is far ahead of its peers. On Windows 10, it can successfully execute varieties of applications with impeccable ease. ROG is one of the most premium motherboards of Intel especially catering to the requirements of the gamers.

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