ASUS RGB LGA1151 ReviewLooking for the best gaming motherboard? Great, because you landed the best place, here we are gonna review the giant ASUS RGB LGA1151.

ASUS RGB LGA1151 is listed as the best z170 motherboard and everybody well-aware with the name and quality of Asus. 

Asus has a well-reputed name in producing such excellent and high-quality gaming motherboard. So, for every gaming lover, the ASUS RGB LGA1151 can be a wise decision. 

The latest kid on the block is ASUS RGB LGA1151 and true to its name, the product incorporates numerous bells and whistles.

It is packed with programmable multi-colored light effect to capture the attention of the gamers and enthusiasts who are eager to display their television.

There are many other features that have made the product, a cynosure of all eyes in the gaming domain. Some of them are mentioned below:

ASUS RGB LGA1151 Design theme:

With jazzy looks, ASUS RGB LGA1151 looks fairly attractive to the users. It is studded with decorative heat sinks that are located near the 10 phase VRM close to both sides of the socket. In addition, the matching sink is also provided right below the platform controller.

The conventionally sized cooler is placed right between the CPU socket and the first RAM slot; therefore it helps in the regulation of temperature without any problem.

If you open the ASUS RGB LGA1151, you will also find a separate power connector that is situated next to the CPU fan header.

Boon for the peripheral devices:


Due to a large number of ports, the ASUS RGB LGA1151 can easily support the devices such as mouse keyboard and HDMI machines.

One of the unique characteristics of the board is the presence of VGA card providing an amazing display to the users.

Presence of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports ensure rapid data transfer from other devices into the computer.

The manufacturer has also included a separate controller to power up the USB 3.1 configuration in order to provide a huge bandwidth of 10GB. Since the system can support up to 7 USB devices, it is quite popular among the gamers.

High data speed

ASUS RGB LGA1151 Review

For seamless connection to the network, a single gigabit Ethernet port is also incorporated into the eclectic mix. It is protected with the help of LAN guard that prevents the electrical surges from damaging the system.

Due to the presence of S/PDIF output, the audio performance is second to none in terms of quality.

One of the most important attributes include is the six front facing SATA ports situated along the front edge of the ASUS RGB LGA1151.

It is important not to use the SATA SSD in the M2.1 slot because the bandwidth would be shared resulting in the decrease of the data speed.

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Aura lightning Features ASUS RGB LGA1151:


Aura lightning features incorporate ASUS RGB LGA1151 features located on both sides of the motherboard.

The first light runs along the frontal side while the second light is situated beneath the PCH heatsink.

In addition, the third set separates the audio section from the rest of the board.

Users can select the static colors or the dynamic pulses that can imbibe various colors of the rainbow in alternate cycles.

Easy installation:

Easy installation makes it one of the best sought after products in its category. The M2 slot can be easily fixed and is not blocked by the graphics card.

Asus also comes with plenty of accessories for the users so that they do not have to buy the same from third-party stores.


Asus has created the motherboard according to the requirements and specifications for the gamers. Conventional users may find its extra features as overkill however it is still quite useful to perform normal tasks.

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