Often, when the term ‘lean’ is used in the description of a person’s physique, it merely means that they have very minimal fat, enabling them to show off well-defined muscles. The term ‘bulking’ refers to when one is seeking to increase their muscle mass with no increase in body fat.

‘Lean bulking’ can be described as defining and growing muscles to achieve peak appearance in the bodily physique. For this to be achieved, there are many factors involved, and we are going to try and cover them all.

Always Have A Plan

Regardless of if it’s just to look great or participate in bodybuilding competitions, you need to plan for everything. Planning means you’ll have to be prepared both psychologically and physically. It’s always an excellent way to keep you motivated towards working out and achieving your goals. Plan out your workout routine, meals, and resting patterns. These will ensure that your body gets the right conditioning during your training period.

Know Your Limits

Apart from identifying what you need to do to, it’s recommended that you understand what you can expect from your workouts. Building muscle is tedious and arduous, and most athletes should expect a maximum of one kilogram of lean muscle mass per month, while for those with more experience can get two kilograms per month.

Follow your workout plan stringently and give your body adequate time to recover. Recovery days can be taken two or three days after your workout. It also helps reduce the likelihood of succumbing to injuries.


Since your aim isn’t just to bulk up, but also to have defined muscles, there is a need to implement changes to your diet. For successful and noticeable results, you should avoid consuming junk food. To achieve your goal, your body fat percentage should be less than 15%-17%. If BFP is more than the stated, you’ll need to lose some fat.

Once you’ve cut down on BFP, increase your calories for about a fortnight. Once muscle regions like the abdomen start to show, make sure that your fat percentage is successfully decreasing.


With the right choice of supplements to aid your nutrition and diet, it’s relatively easy to achieve lean bulking. Various supplements help support the body’s growth ability and aren’t stored as fats or carbohydrates. Check out Valkyrie Online for a wide range of supplements. Also, consume protein at every meal — target 2g per kg of body weight.

Progressive Workout Routines

Whatever your workout routine might be, try and incorporate light cardiovascular workouts as warm ups before each training session. This helps in shedding weight and plays a critical role in maintaining an athletic physique. Below are a few helpful exercises that help with muscle definition and don’t require lots of equipment.

Bench Dips & Pike Push-Ups Shoulders & Arms 15 of 4 sets
Dips & variable Push-Ups Chest, Arms & Shoulders 15 of 4 sets
Weighted Pull-Ups Back & Shoulders 10 0f 5 sets
Crunches & Sit-ups Core & Abs 20 of 5 sets
Variable Squats Legs 25 of 4 sets

Once you’ve become accustomed to working out, keep it consistent. Remember to give your body adequate rest if you want quick and noticeable gains. That’s all it takes.


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