Every year more than 183 million people visit the great state of Texas on vacation. The state covers a massive 268,596 square miles, with an incredibly diverse landscape. If you want to experience the beauty of nature while you are on vacation, and get a feeling of what Texas is really like, there are some great activities you can enjoy. You can spend some time on the waters of some of the biggest lakes in America, try some hiking in one of the beautiful national parks, or even have a cowboy experience on a ranching trip. In the Lone Star State, big is beautiful, and the great outdoors truly magnificent. 

 Have a Ranch Vacation

The cowboy culture is very much alive in Texas, and if you want to experience life on horseback, rounding up the cattle, a ranch vacation can be great fun, and also makes a great bonding experience for family and friends. There are almost a quarter of million farms and ranches in the state, and there is plenty of Texas Hill Country real estate for sale if you fall in love with the lifestyle. You can raise livestock or enjoy hunting and fishing in the Texas countryside. For a great western experience, try the Dixie Dude Ranch (833 Dixie Dude Ranch Road, Bandera, TX 78003), where you can enjoy some horseback riding and help look after the Longhorn Cattle and Spanish goats. Prude Ranch (209 TX-118, Fort Davis, TX 79734) is another place where you can be home on the range, enjoying the scenery and the cool mountain air. 

 Stay by a Lake 

Texas has lakes that are so big, they are tidal – you will think that you are staying on the coast. Green Lake in Calhoun County, Texas is popular with visitors and locals alike, and you can enjoy a simple vacation staying in a cabin on the waterfront. You can camp by the lake, enjoy some swimming and see if you can spot some of the Texas wildlife, which includes, Opossums, Armadillos and the Fox Squirrel. Lake Travis is another great place for a family vacation. The lake is actually a reservoir situated along the beautiful Colorado River. On the shores of the lake you will find some great lodgings, restaurants, and boat hire, so you can head out on the water and do a spot of fishing. 

 Climb a Mountain

Texas has three mountain ranges, the Davis Mountains, the Franklin Mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains. If you love to hike and climb, the Guadalupe Peak is a good place to start. If you’re a beginner climber, there is a hiking trail that is 4.2 miles long, straight to the top. When you’re admiring the view from the top of the mountain, it’s worth considering that Guadalupe Mountains are actually ancient fossilized coral reefs. Millions of years ago, Texas was at the bottom of the ocean.  

The landscape in the Lone Star State is magnificent, and if you love the great outdoors, you will be spoiled for choice. From beautiful beaches, to forests and mountains, you can swim, climb, hike and truly be at one with nature. 

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