Today, any computer user, from those who mostly turn it on for entertainment purposes to those who run their business with it. Whatever the goal is, the computer must be protected from malicious programs and hacking attacks, as with the variety of digital services, there are a variety of ways the security of your gear or personal data can be jeopardized. The best way to protect your data is by watching the reliability of products you use and installing a sufficient antivirus that will fulfill all your needs as a PC user. PC Matic is an antivirus that many online selections of antiviruses recommend trying. We studied PC Matic reviews there to figure out its pros and cons. 

Computer Diagnostics 

pc matic reviews

After the antivirus installation, the first thing that PC Matic does is running diagnostics of your system. According to the four main aspects, Security, Performance, Stability, and Maintenance, the program pinpoints the problematic or weak areas in your computer and focuses on those first. This scan detects and suggests deleting junk files right away, installing updates for drivers or programs, and pay attention to possibly detectable disc fragmentation issues, malware, and security threats alike. 

However, if you are already using the program for some time, you can run separate scans for malware, junk files, updates, and other things you may not know there are. The aim of the initial diagnostics after the installation of the program is to detect the issues that cannot be detected without an antivirus and make your computer safer. 

Effective Blocking of Threats 

One of the brightest distinguishing features of PC Matic is its approach to blocking spyware, ransomware, and malware. And this approach is completely opposite to all the other antiviruses. Instead of checking all the programs and default “trusting them”, PC Matic initially mistrusts most of the programs before adding them to the whitelist. 

Due to this approach, you may have to whitelist some of the programs you trust manually, but the cautiousness about the threats results in blocking of almost all the malicious data: 100% for malware and 98% for malicious web addresses. Such an approach to scanning may make it difficult to compare this antivirus to all the others because of the dramatic difference in scan mechanics.

System Optimization

With the full scan that the antivirus makes in the first place, the suit offers many optimization tools designed to speed up your computer and enhance its performance. You can choose those you personally need and see how it works out with your PC. The tools include:

  • Optimization of the internet connection: even if it is unstable at the moment, the antivirus vill makes sure to stabilize the signal, if possible. 
  • Automatic drivers update. You can set this in the program itself, in which case you will not have to do it manually every time. Although the drivers may not come with the antivirus, here, the program goes beyond and alters you if something is wrong with the overall system. 
  • Security patches. If you whitelisted the programs that the antivirus found suspicious, it will determine such programs as vulnerable ones and offer security patches for them to make them safer for the system and harder to crack. 

Possible Con of The Antivirus

pc matic reviews

For the antivirus to trust a program, a file, or a URL, it must make sure it is completely threat-free and whitelist it, which does not happen to many programs. Because of the whitelisting approach, the antivirus blocks many files that are not, in fact, malicious, which means that PC Matic shows a lot of false-positive reports that may confuse you. However, its scans are just focusing on neutralizing threats, which excuses such a con. 

Besides,  you can whitelist anything you feel like manually, and it is much easier than dealing with the consequences of unnoticed malware.  

Out of most of the reviews, there are online, the main highlights of PC Matic are high level of security because of the whitelisting approach sometimes false-positive reports caused by it. Moreover, this antivirus provides complex protection and security, which goes with system scans and a diverse suite of optimization tools. Thus, instead of installing optimization programs and an antivirus separately, you can get it all with PC Matic. 

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