It is a fact that having a favicon to your website has numerous benefits in terms of branding. Let us understand the basic principle. A website grows on the basis of various components. If people do not know about a website or find it hard to remember it, they do not prefer accessing it that much. Hence, website owners should invest the maximum possible effort to promote the website and include factors which make it easy for customers to remember it. If you want to prepare a new attractive favicon for your site, then log on to, and create a favicon that attracts online users.

Adding a Favicon

Before going into the details, you need to understand what a favicon is and how it is created. A favicon is a small icon that appears on the tab of the website. It is a way to recognize a website particularly when you are handling multiple tabs at the same time. When you talk about busy corporate professionals, they open multiple tabs at the same time. In such cases, it becomes hard to remember each website. Other than that, when you need to open a particular link, you would have to check each website which is obviously an unnecessary process consuming time. Websites which have favicons are much easier to remember and strike the mind of the potential buyer in a much easier manner.

Benefits of adding Favicon

There are countless benefits of adding the favicon to the website. If you have a look at all successful websites these days, all of them have favicons enabled. Here are some core benefits of adding favicons to the website.

  • Better Branding

Why would people visit your website when it does not have a high popularity level? When people search for something on the internet, they access websites which are commonly known. No one locates a website by using a typed searched when most people do not know about it. A favicon is one of the finest options to improve branding progress.

  • Having a logo on the tab simply means that people would remember your website easily. If they view your logo on different online platforms, they would not have any difficulty in recognizing it. This is one key point that requires focus from website owners. Using a favicon makes a serious difference as more people start remembering your brand. This leads to more conversions and a high count of buyers access the website.
  • Choosing an image for creating a favicon is not the same as selecting the display picture of a Facebook profile. You need to use a very typical approach when selecting a favicon image. To start with, it should not have the same shade as the background color of the browser tab. There is no point to select an image with a lot of text. This would only make the image unclear. Other than that, no one reads a favicon. It is just a miniature symbol for brand recognition.
  • Bookmarking and handling multiple tabs

It is a common fact that people bookmark websites which they access at regular intervals. This makes it much easier to access the website every now and then as users do not have to type the address each time. With a favicon, you can set a bookmark with greater impact. Instead of reading the bookmark text, you would be able to identify it by looking at the favicon.

  • Whether you are using the internet for personal purposes or professional ones, it is very unlikely that you would be opening only one tab. Most people multitask and open several tabs at the same time. In such situations, when they have to switch between tabs. One way to switch between tabs is opening each one manually. This option is obviously lengthy and it does not work out that well. However, if a website has a favicon, it becomes much easier for the user to remember the website
  • More traffic and potential buyers

Visual recognition has a greater impact than text recognition. Let us go through an example. If you view the logo of a company, it would be easier to recognize it because logos are unique. On the other hand, two brands may have the same text but not the same logos. Hence, when you have a favicon, it would be easier for targeted buyers to recognize the website.

In an overall manner, having a favicon is a big edge for any website. To start with, people remember your website easily. Secondly, the numbers of conversions increase as more people start remembering the logo of your company.


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