In recent times, YouTube has grown to be one of the best video streaming websites. Millions of viewers are always on YouTube streaming several videos across various niches daily. Unfortunately, users often have to cope with many banners, auto-play, and Pop-up videos. As a result, there is a need to find a way to avoid these ads. Here, you will find some effective solutions from Adlock to help you.

Although some browsers have built-in ad blockers, they are generally not capable of blocking most online ads. Hence, it is necessary to find apps or plugins to help in blocking the ads.

Choosing the best ad blocker for YouTube can be a challenging task as there are many apps and plugins available today. However, here, you will find a review of the best AdBlock services.

What is an AdBlocker?

In simple terms, an ad blocker is an app that helps in preventing ads from playing automatically or popping up while you are trying to stream videos on YouTube and other platforms.

While some ad blockers are integrated into browsers as plugins and extensions, others work as independent programs.

Best Adblock Services For YouTube 

Irrespective of what you are looking for, whether it is entertainment, tutorial videos, reviews, instructional videos, movies, or even TV shows, YouTube is the right place.

Unfortunately, one major challenge YouTubers face is having to cope with several ads before they can watch videos. However, you do not need to always watch ads before seeing your desired YouTube content.

We have reviewed the best Ad Blockers for YouTube to help you make the right choice.


Unlike AdBlock that is a browser extension, AdLock is a software that can be installed on your device. This app helps to prevent not only ads on YouTube but also other streaming sites and websites while you are connected to the internet.

Thanks to this adblocker, you can now enjoy advert-free video streaming on YouTube, BitTorrent, Skype, online games, and several other mobile apps.

The AdLock solution protects you from harmful links, bugs, and spyware. Also, it helps to save your battery power, mobile data, speed up loading time, and filters HTTPS sites.

AdLock is relatively cheap, costing less slightly above $20 annually. Even more, users get two weeks free trial.

It is worth mentioning that AdLock offers different solutions depending on the device you are using. The solutions available include AdLock for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

  • AdLock for Android

AdLock for Android is specifically designed for use on Android devices. This AdBlock solution helps to make your android device last longer and work faster without any forming ads.

This AdBlock solution for Android works without needing to root your device saves your mobile data, secures your personal data, cuts off banners and pop-ups, and blocks malware-infected ads.

  • AdLock for Windows

If you are making use of a Windows device, AdLock has a solution for you. AdLock offers one of the best adblocking services for Windows. 

This solution for Windows stops adverts from popping up while you are using your Windows device. More so, it checks all your URLs and gives you a warning each time it detects any unwanted software or malware.

  • AdLock for iOS

This is a simple, convenient, and minimalistic solution for iOS devices. It features both dark and light themes and is easy to use.

AdLock for iOS is effective in blocking commercials, disabling pop-ups from widgets and online chats, as well as blocks all third-party trackers.

Additionally, this AdLock for iOS offers users the option of applying specific or custom filtering to cater to their specific needs.

  • AdLock for MacOS

If you are using a device with the macOS and you are looking for an app with a flexible and intuitive UI, then the AdLock for MacOS.

This AdBlock solution is safe for use on the macOS device and features one of the most recent ad-blocking technologies. That said, this solution also protects your online activities and sensitive data from trackers and scammers.


In recent years, AdBlock has grown to become one of the most popular AdBlock services for YouTube. It is a browser extension that is compatible with several browsers including Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. AdBlock comes with a list of preset filters and is easy to configure. Thanks to its list of preset filters, users can conveniently block a large number of online ads.

Additionally, users are also able to enable malware filters and social media buttons. Even more, it comes with a provision for you to whitelist certain advertisers or websites.

AdBlock is effective in not only blocking ads on YouTube, but it also blocks ads from other video streaming sites. If you are looking for a way to enjoy video streaming without having to see ads.

Adblock Plus

AdBlock ServicesAdblock Plus (ABP) is an ad blocker that is designed to work with several extensions available on Opera, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

AdBlock Plus is easy to set up, and also features a list of preset filters to help you in blocking several ads. More so, it allows you to also block social media buttons and malware. 

That said, users can also explore other options such as the custom filters and whitelist feature. One of the features that make AdBlock Plus unique is the fact that it comes with a non-intrusive advertising feature that can be easily enabled or disabled.

For Android users, AdBlock provides users a browser-based solution for blocking ads while for iOS users, AdBlock Plus comes with an integrated content blocker to stop ads from interrupting your videos.


Overall, while YouTube contains millions of videos across various niches, viewers will have to go through the huddles of watching adverts before they can see your desired video.

Although finding the best AdBlocker can be a bit difficult, we have provided you the best AdBlockers to help you in mak9ng the right decision.

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