The virtual world has taken a step ahead and now it has a solution even for dimension. So, if you are looking forward to a physical ruler, you do not need to worry. To calculate measurements, the world wide web provides you, various virtual rulers.

And this way, you can solve query related to the measurement of an object. Take note that you can find online virtual rulers in metric (cm, mm) and inches (in) both. Moreover, online rulers are super easy to use.

You can use it by comparing it with an object or referring to monitor’s pixel which is also called PPI. So, next time when you need to measure an object, you can opt for the following online rulers to get your tasks done in a short time.

Here is a list of five fantastic online rulers.

Online Ruler

Online Ruler/On Screen Measuring Tool

To measure the actual size of any small item in centimeters or inches, you do not need to have a physical ruler. You can use this on-screen ruler for reference. This online ruler works for almost all the devices. So, you can use your desktop computer and as well as a tablet to measure the objects. Take note that its full length is 20 inches. And for metric scale option, it is 50 centimeters. Moreover, to make the most of this on-screen measuring tool, you need to keep it calibrated.

Get Ruler

Now, you do not need measuring tape to know the size of an item. This is because you can opt for an online free ruler to get these tasks done without any hassle. All you need to do is place the object and the virtual ruler will count the exact pixels.

Not only this, but it will create an image that fits your screen automatically. The best of this ruler is that it lets your resizes the image in inches, pixels, centimeters, or even millimeters. With the help of getting a ruler, you can identify the right size of your object whether it is a book or couch.

Actual Size Ruler

Unlike other online rulers, this website is known to provide the actual size of your screen. Not only it is a free online ruler but it provides the correct screen resolution as per the monitor of a user. When using this, you only need to determine horizontal or vertical position.

If your object sits well in a vertical setting, you are likely to get a perfect size. If you need to know the length of objects, this website provides an option for it too. Moreover, it lets you convert meter into micrometer along with centimeter into millimeter.


If you are looking for different free online rulers, you can consider iRuler as well. iRuler is one of the virtual rulers that allow you to set your monitor screen either in pixels or inches. For users who have different display or screen, they can adjust it by customizing the settings.

You can also identify the final measurement simply by placing an object on the screen. This way, you do not need to measure the sizes with tape but a desktop is enough for this purpose. Isn’t it great?


This online ruler can become a great replacement of wooden ruler. To get the best results, you need to adjust it in actual size and keep the settings of a monitor to pixels as per inches.

GiniFab lets you determine the final size of an object. Moreover, drag it right or left to fit the right size without wasting extra time. Make sure you save the settings of desired pixels before leaving the web page.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days where you need different physical rulers like wooden ones to measure different objects. Now, a virtual world can do these tasks for you. So, opt for free online rulers and get multiple tasks done in a short time.

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