For some people, the idea of being well-known on the internet is a dream come true. And for many others, the idea of being found online easily doesn’t bother them at all. But there are a lot of individuals who prefer to have as much privacy as possible, and who feel uneasy about their information being so easy to find online. If you are one of those people, and you have become quite disturbed by all of the personal details that even strangers can collect about you when they search for you on the internet, it is time to take action. Check out the six tips below to figure out ways to delete yourself from the internet. 

Remove Your Information from People Search Databases

There are many people search websites that act as handy databases that anyone can use to search for information about an individual. Details can include everything from addresses and phone numbers to the names of relatives, your birth date, and more. And many of these sites even have the option of running a background check on someone to see if they have any criminal records and other personal details. 

One example is PeopleFinders, but the good news is you can go to the PeopleFinders opt out page to request that your info be taken down. 

Another site that is worth checking is Radaris. This is yet another popular people search site, so if you want to delete yourself from the internet, head to the Radaris opt out page. 

And don’t forget that Spokeo will also likely have your details, so be sure to find the Spokeo opt out instructions too. 

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Another important step to take when you want to delete yourself from the internet is deactivating all of your social media accounts. There is a lot of personal information that can be shared and collected on these types of sites, so by removing yourself completely, you can start to rest a little easier. 

Delete Old Email Accounts

If you want to remove all of your information from the internet, that should include old email accounts. Be sure to think about all of the accounts that you have opened through the years, and then move through each one to figure out how to delete them. 

Request That Websites Take Down Your Information

Another way to find out where any information about you is being displayed is by performing a search using your full name. Just head to Google or your preferred search engine and type in your name in the search box. See which websites show up in the results, and then contact them directly to request that your information be removed. 

Ask Google to Remove Your Information

In the event that you really want your information removed from one or more websites but the owners of those sites aren’t cooperating, you might be able to at least have that information removed from Google, especially if keeping that info online would put you at risk of any type of harm. Contact them to submit your request and see if they’ll help. 

Delete Various Other Accounts

To totally delete yourself from the internet, you need to also consider the various other sites that you’ve created accounts with. This includes websites that you might’ve subscribed to, online shops, and forums, so be sure to remove those accounts too.

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