Facebook acts as a primitive way to enhance sales and profit. Thanks to the massive number of people connected, this platform serves as an excellent marketing spot. To improve your sales and promote your venture, you can advertise your idea on Facebook. Many people do it, but they lack some crucial knowledge. If you are aware of the fundamental concepts, your sales will supercharge in no days. Today we shall talk about some ad strategies that will help you to elevate your Shopify sales. 

There are many free dropshipping courses that you must consider doing before entering the real market. Once you do it, you are ready for the actual business. To initialize the idea, you must start by spreading a word about your endeavour. For this purpose, nothing could be better than a Facebook ad. 

There are 6 fundamental steps that you should keep in mind to design a good ad that can attract customers.

  1. Have a plan 

Before going on-board, some essential factors need attention. Try to create a roadmap for your business path. First of all, the ad must contain authentic and reliable content. It should be short and to the point. 

Besides, try keeping track of the following points:

  • The rate of conversion:
  • Focus on how you can improve your impression rate
  • Target the right audience to optimize your click-through rate
  • Have a reasonable Cost Per Click rate

Before moving any further, work on these crucial points. Set it accordingly so that it suits both the customer’s needs and your expectations. 

  1. Get started by creating a business account

For generating reasonable revenue, you must be very thoughtful about your viewers and potential customers. Thus, you need to grasp the thought of customers. This way, you can merchandise your product to the people who are inquiring about it. But before moving there, first, you need to set up your Facebook account. There are some simple steps that you must follow to set up a business account. After doing it, go to your Shopify store and install Facebook pixels there. It will help you to track the progress of sales. 

The Facebook business manager also helps to create a catalog. You can do it by following some basic steps. 

  1. Use smart ways to target potential customers

First, we shall talk about targeting those people who already have an idea about your product. 

Monitor their actions, and show them the product that interests them. It might sound like rocket science, but it is quite simple. You need to monitor these three activities:

  • The items they view
  • The products that they put in their cart
  • The things that they buy

Remember how you check out some random product on some shopping sites, and your entire feed fills with it? Yes! It is precisely what you need to do. For this, you will have to pass the relevant DPA codes to track the suitable Shopify website code files.

If you are comfortable with computer science, then you can do it on your own. Else, hire someone suitable who is capable of doing the task.

  1. Retarget the ‘window shoppers’

Facebook ads for Shopify are an excellent way to retarget customers. It helps to target people who viewed a product but did not buy it yet. Many times, people add some items in their cart but don’t end up buying them. Moreover, offers and discounts will help you attract them.

Enumerating some exciting proposals helps in enlarging the clicks and views of an ad. It also motivates the crowd to find the need for this advertising product in their life. Also, it helps to save your company’s wealth if the offer implies digital modes of payment. The amount credited or debited by a digital card will result in supplementary processing fees. So, this is a way in which the firm will earn tremendous capital just by losing some.

It will also have advantages like: 

  • Drastically drives the sales
  • Attracts customers
  • Immense profits

In addition, you can repeatedly show them the product that they have in their cart. E.g., if the customer has kept a black shirt in their cart, show them a variety of black shirts on their Facebook. This is exactly what we discussed in the above points. But in the course of retargeting, do not spam your customer’s social media with ads. It might backfire.

  1. Revamp your advertisement

So, you have made a very fantastic and catchy ad for the mob. But you forget to mention a crucial category, i.e., “Contact Us,” and all the hard work goes in vain. The client will not know where to call for the closing deal, and the company will lose an essential buyer. Providing links for communication will guide the individual to establish a more authentic relationship with the corporation. It also has some advantages like:

  • Easily accessible
  • Profound the trust factor
  • More convenience

Moreover, you must also add some distinguishable features. For example, keep the cart and the view product options different. Also, with time and occasion, try to modify your ad.

  1. Add engaging video content

Ad involving an animation effect magnifies its popularity among its competitors. Everybody is fascinated by virtual reality. It helps give a clear view of the product. But at the same time, the Shopify video ads should not be messy. Don’t add all the available effects. Keep it simple, classy, and to the point.

Undoubtedly, video ads are more attractive than images or any other form. Many fantastic platforms offer a highly professional ad maker. With minimal effects and in less than 10 seconds, these ads are capable of making the deal. 


So, these are some outstanding tips to upgrade your venture on Shopify using Facebook features. Facebook is not just a social media platform meant to interact with people or share updates. It is more than that, and this article enriches your knowledge about the same. These tips will be helpful in increasing your profits. Keep on working smarter and enjoy the benefits that you get from the Shopify sales!

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