High school can be fun, but it does come with a lot of work. You’re getting assigned with homework in every single one of your classes. You have that one presentation at the end of the week. You have band practice after school every day. Oh and don’t forget, your best friend’s pool party is this weekend and you have a major test on Monday to study for.

You might feel like there’s an endless list of things to do and never enough time; however, NO STRESS! Check out these 5 tips for teens to boost their productivity in school and become that A+ student with more time for fun!

#1 Create a To-do List

Trust me. This is a life saver. When you have so many things that need to be done, it is really easy to forget that one small assignment that needs to be completed. Create your list into priority order, so you complete the things that are most important first! Also, not to mention, once you complete them, there’s not a better feeling than crossing it off the list!

#2 Do Your Homework During Your Free Time At School

If you have free time before or after a class starts, instead of talking with your friends, get a head start to your homework. You would be surprised at how all those five minute breaks actually add up!

#3 Listen To Music While You Do Your Work

This may work for some people and actually be absolutely awful for others. Some students are more productive while listening to music. It allows them to focus and tune out the background noise of their surroundings. People also study better with certain types of music. Some focus better with no-lyric songs, while others like classical music instead. Experiment and see which type of music fits best for you.

#4 Study In Groups

In high school, a lot of your peers will be taking mandatory classes with the same teachers as you. Instead of studying alone, why not study with your friends! This will help motivate you knowing that your friends are grinding through their homework as well.

#5 Find Your Study Spot

You may not notice, but the atmosphere that you work in could play a large role in the productivity of your work. Learn and see if you work better in a well-lit room or in a dark ambiance setting. Maybe a loud area works better than a quiet one. Do you need to be sitting in a chair and desk or do you like to lay on the floor while you study? Everyone has their preferences. Discover Yours!

Everyone studies differently and there’s no right or wrong way to be productive. Try out these 5 tips and see if they boost your productivity in school! As they say, work smarter, not harder!

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