According to Statista, tea ranks as the second most-consumed drink in the globe, after water. Teas vary on their oxidation levels; thus, you’ll hear of green, black, oolong, and yellow tea. As of 2015, China was the world leader in tea production, followed closely by India and Kenya. In 2016, Turkey emerged as the leading tea-consuming country in the globe.

Although the exact mechanism in which tea helps to prevent cancer is unknown, most of the potential benefits of teas are due to their potent antioxidant activity of the polyphenols in the leaves. This blog post shares some of the best types of tea that help prevent cancer. Besides, they may also have an impact on post-surgery cancer care patients and any cancer survivor.


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Green Tea (Chinese Tea)

Green tea is prepared from unfermented leaves of the plant named Camellia sinensis. Over 30 years of study on the effect of green tea on the prevention of cancer showed it resulted in fewer incidences of cancer and the delayed onset of the disease.

No evidence exists to show that green tea can cure cancer, but studies suggest it may reduce the incidence of some types of cancers. Asian communities in countries such as China and Japan have been using green tea medicinally for years.

Besides helping in preventing different types of cancer, you can use this product to control blood pressure, cholesterol weight, and blood sugar. Most researchers agree that catechin is the active ingredient in green tea and is responsible for this activity. It is also referred to as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This tea also contains theanine and caffeine.

You can live better with cancer if you take green tea consistently. Besides cancer prevention, green tea has remarkable effects on both men’s and women’s health.

Oolong Tea

Recent research studies have found oolong tea to have a significant effect on damaging breast cancer cells. Also, individuals who consume huge amounts of this tea exhibit a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

According to reports by the lead researcher in the study, Chunfa Huang, Ph.D., extracts of both green and oolong tea inhibited growth in all of the breast cancer cells. Thus we can say oolong tea has significant benefits on men’s health and women’s health. On the contrary, dark tea and black tea extracts didn’t have any effect on these cells.

Another study showed oolong tea as a potential chemo-preventive agent for breast cancer. Like green tea, this product inhibits tumorigenesis; the growth of breast cancer cells besides it can bring about cleavage and DNA damage.

Camomile Tea

In a study on the effect of camomile tea on cancer cells, it was evident the extract had apoptotic and anti-proliferative effects on human cancer cells.

More studies are ongoing to determine the camomile tea benefits on cancer prevention. The benefits of camomile tea are unlimited; for years, it has been used in treating insomnia and reducing anxiety. It has also been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems and inflammatory skin conditions.

Chamomile tea contains “apigenin” a chemical that researchers believe has significant activity against cancer cells. shares incredible information about the health benefits of camomile tea.

According to researchers from Ohio State University, apigenin makes breast cancer cells to be more sensitive to drug therapy, thus stopping their spread. This molecule also has anti-inflammatory activity against cancer cells. It also assists proteins in correcting abnormalities in RNA that account for approximately 80% of different cancers.

Matcha Tea

This is also referred to as matcha green tea (MGT). This product has lots of antioxidants, thus its role in cancer prevention. Matcha tea inhibits the spread of cancer stem cells by targeting glycolysis, mitochondrial metabolism, and multiple cell signaling pathways.

This product is a leading dietary supplement that is under research to evaluate its anti-cancer properties. Several clinical studies have shown MGT affects the mTOR signaling, thus downregulating some components of the 40S ribosome.

These study results are in line with the primary concept that MGT has significant therapeutic potential more so in preventing cancers.

White tea

White tea is one of the rarest and expensive teas in the world. It’s also one of the healthiest teas. It solely produced in China and has similar polyphenols to green tea, but the proportions vary.

It shares the same species with other tea plants, but it has more leaves buds. These buds are covered with silvery hair making its appearance whitish. White eat is processed via rapid steaming and drying; thus, the leaves are virtually “fresh”.

Researchers believe the processing preserves a majority of the potent polyphenols that are destroyed when processing green, oolong, and black tea.

Final words


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Herbal teas have many compounds that confer a myriad of health benefits to the users. Oolong, green, and black teas have shown some outstanding effects on men’s health; also, chamomile tea benefits are innumerable. Consuming herbal teas will help you live better with cancer. Cancer survivors also testify of a significant input of herbal teas in treating their condition. You can also read other blog posts at to learn more about healthy herbal products. Let me know how this blog post has helped you, even as a post-surgery cancer care patient or a cancer survivor.

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